Modular home in MA

hithereMay 11, 2009

Should I go for modular home or stick? I went through this forum, there are good and bad about modular.

Any recommandation about modular manufacture and constructor in MA?

How much does modular house usually cost? I contacted several GC of modular home, the price range from $110 to $170 per square foot. This includes the garage, basement, and module home. Consider a 2000 sq. feet, the price range are pretty huge.

Thanks a lot!

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If you're looking to go modular to save money, it's doesn't work that way.

The main reason many go modular is TIME. As you are now aware, you can be in the home in 90 days from placing the order. We placed our order Labor Day weekend and were in the home for Thanksgiving dinner.

But the structure is only one component. The land, well, septic, lot clearing, driveway, permits, etc are exactly the same cost whether stick built or modular. Same with garages, porches, decks, etc.

All in all, our modular cost about the same as a stick built home. Therefore the resale is the same as a stick built home. But again, the advantage is time. 90 days vs 9 months.

Chris in VT

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