Kitchen and Bathroom faucets

dirtgirlzMay 19, 2012

I am moving into a 1998 Champion mobilehome and I need to replace the faucets. Can I use any type of faucet or do I need to get one made specifically for mobilehomes? The ones in it are plastic and look terrible. Thanks.

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My home is a 2000 Clayton and I've replaced all the faucets in my house with off-the-shelf ones. I had plastic sinks in the bathrooms which I also changed out.
I do know some homes are made differently so maybe someone else will speak up.

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Thanks for the info. I've lived in mobilehomes before and really liked it but I haven't done so in 20 years. I am not sure what you can do now. :)

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I live in a '98 MH and my dad had no problem replacing the kitchen faucet with a standard (lovely!) Peerless faucet last week. I haven't decided if the bathroom faucets are bothersome enough to tackle, though. Good luck!

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Thanks. I have followed your posts in other forums and I think you offer great advice and encouragement.

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We replaced both kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets off the shelf from Lowes with no problems. Our plumber did put shutoffs on all water lines.

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