anna_8ncMay 31, 2006

Has anyone had experience putting wallpaper over the wallboard used in manufactured homes? I hope to hang some wall paper this summer and I wondered if a primer of some kind is required.

Thanks, Anna

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I would DEFINITELY prime the wallboard. I experimented with painting directly on the wallboard and even that wouldn't stick! I'm VERY sure that wallpaper would not stay up there without priming first.

I had good results with Zinnser Bull's Eye 1-2-3 latex. I first used the kind that is not latex and the fumes almost killed me. The latex kind works very well and HAS to be healthier.

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Thanks Lindakimy. Now I know where to start.

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I have wallpapered all the walls in my DW. You can remove the strips and fill in cracks with elastic filler. You have to use primer no matter which kind of walls you have.

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Thanks Jerry.
I had wanted to get rid of those strips. How did you finish the area around the windows?

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congratulations on making the plunge into the wallpaper world !!

we have a homes of legend brand home, about 10 yrs old. it is a 3 bath 5 bed house. i have either painted or wallpapered all the rooms but 3, so i learned many things.... some good,,, some not so good. the first thing i would tell you is FORGET anything being level or straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has been my experience that NOTHING in the house will be...and if you make 1 thing level.,,,, then everything else either looks crooked,, or your straight thing looks crooked compared to the rest of the house. once you get over that, then it gets easier...
i am in the process of remodeling our kitchen and dinning room now. i started last month and will finish by the time i go back to school in august.
the first time i wallpapered i used SHERWIN WILLIAMS wallpaper glue. it is fantastic stuff!!!! adheres well.. TOO WELL... now 5 years down the road, i am picking the old wallpaper off the kitchen and dinning room walls each night,,, with a putty knife and a paint razor scrapper!!!!! i am almost done scrapping but it has been a trying expereince ! this time i am NOT using wallpaste. i bought prepasted wallpaper, and will put it up straight on the walls. i did not prime, and have very few bad places on the walls.. since i didnt prime them its hard to go to painted walls in the future after removing the wallpaper. ( it has the texture of a peach after removing the paper,,,,) i would post pics of the work we have done but i dont see where that feature is.
also when you take down your crown moulding,, number it! so it will be easier to put back up... (i didnt) it was a nightmare. this time we are putting up new and im prepainting it.... also dont be surprised if your ceiling is uneven and you have to put caulk in cracks !! it paints well !!!! lol. we took out the bar and are getting new cabinets for the walls. we took out a partial wall (non weight bearing) and opened up the rooms. the new kitchen is 13 x 27 with a eat in dinning room. the old was about half that. also i buy 1 roll of wallpaper to test it out, and hang it on my worst wall. then see if it looks ok, i open the curtains and let the sun shine in to see what it looks like in all different kinds of light. then if it passes that test i continue. that may sound crazy, but in our bathroom we bought a pink print,, i hung it one night,, when my hubby came home and seen it,,, his words were "its gotta go !! " so it went. i only had to scrape off 2 pieces instead of the whole roll. also i use wall paper remover to remove the old. it seems to help.
my last word of advice,,,, is dont be afraid to use trim moulding in new and interesting ways !! it hides a multitude of sins and gives the house character !!
my house has lots of character !! lol

elmers glue holds well if the seams come loose in the future and its still water based and removable. also i use that to put up my borders as well. if you have a die cut paper and its uneven, it will curl up on the edges,, i use elmers all purpose kids glue to hold it perfectly.

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I wallpapered one wall in the hallway because I went to remove the strip down the center and it was more attached that it seemed and ripped some of the orginal wallpaper off the paneling. What a mess! So I had to cover that and I used the paintable wallpaper. I won't do that again ever. It was much easier to paint the walls like I did in the rest of the house! LOL

I didn't start out with primer on the walls. I just started painting away. It took about three coats to get a good coverage and it's always stayed in place. I had one bad experience and it was when I used flat paint that I got really inexpensively at Lowe's off the Oops Rack. I also heard that a friend of a friend had problems with the paint peeling in their mobile home but they had used flat paint also. I'm so used to being able to wipe the walls that most of ours was semi-gloss and now when I repaint I am doing satin in most rooms. Still no problem keeping the paint on the wall!

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I used Kilz oil-based primer for our bathroom walls. I did some research and it said that the vinyl-covered wallboard can present some serious issues down the road if you paint or wallpaper over it and the original stuff isn't secured as well as you'd expect, so using an oil-based primer is best because water-based can loosen the glue. I had hubby and my son do the primer because the smell about killed me. I turned on the ventilation fan and left it on overnight. Once we did the painting, the smell disappeared. Another nice thing about the Kilz is that if you have any stains from water leaks...imagine that in a mobile home!!!!...it will cover those stains, and it also seals in and prevents regrowth of mildew and mold. Despite the stink, when we redo the kitchen, we will use the Kilz first.

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This is in reference to zzsladies remark about the wall feeling like peach fuzz.. I just pulled off the crap that comes on the walls of a manufactured home and the wall feels like peach fuzz. Is it okay to prime the walls with this little bit of stuff still on there or do i need to do something with the fuzz first? Any suggestions are most helpful... Thanks so much.

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