Need your input on correct primer for my peeling paint.

sandybeaches50May 16, 2011

I'm new to these boards here and I've learned so much from you guys (by "creeping" over the past month )that will help me tremendously, as I help my new college grad daughter fix up her "used" but structurely sound mobile home. I need your opinion on something I've not come across yet on here. Here is my problem and plan. My problem is in the kitchen area. The vinyl wall board was previously painted with a latex semi-gloss paint, but was not primed. It peels off very easily. Here is my plan and where I need your help.

Plan: Remove wallboard strips (MH is properly tied down for this, so movement should not be a problem and cause drywall to crack), prime over all previously, latex painted and peeling paint, drywall tape seams, hand trowel and texture drywall on entire wall, then paint. (I'm very experienced with the hand troweling, texturing drywall part and painting) Question: What kind of primer should I use over this peeling paint and vinyl wallboard to seal it before I drywall texture? I'm just wanting to seal it because my textured drywall will cover all/any imperfections. Do I use Oil based, shellac based or latex primer? Please give me any advice/comments you feel will help! I will post before and after pics and help others later after my experience!

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Try asking over at the paint forum~
Not much traffic here.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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