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jj1806May 21, 2006

Can anyone tell me how steep a driveway a MH can be pulled up?

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Like mnost things in life, it depends. Best to check with the manufacturer or the trucking company hired to haul it.

We've hauled modules up some pretty steep drives using just the truck that hauled the section or a bulldozer that was clearing the lot or a combination of both. More limiting than the slope is the transition from slope to level or a hump in the roadway that could cause the frame or carrier to bottom out and leave you stuck.


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Thanks for the information. We just bought a sloped piece of land. We'll be building driveway this summer, but not putting the home on for a few years. We were trying to find out if there is some kind of "rule-of-thumb" as to how steep the driveway can be. I hadn't thought about the transition from slope to level. I can see how that would be important. I'll try to find some people in the area who haul the homes and ask them for more specifics.

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Some of the movers have a small crawler unit called a "House Kat" that really helps in placing units in difficult situations.

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