Insulating Skirting

mboakieMay 26, 2008

We live in a mobile home in South Western ON, about 30 miles from Port Huron MI. The home is 10-15 years old, there is no foundation, it rests on concrete blocks with skirting on all four sides. The insulation & bladder under the home are in good condition. A company has been soliciting business in our mobile home park with an energy saving measure. They insulate all the skirting with high density styrofoam. Our concern is that all venting is removed. Should we be concerned with this? Is it truly an energy efficient form of insulating? Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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First you have to check your furnace. Most of the older ones drew the combustible air from under the home. The newer ones draw the air through a double pipe that goes through the roof. If yours is drawing air from under the home it won't make much sense to really button up the skirting. You could even see an increase in your fuel consumption because the furnace can't get the air that it needs.
If the furnace draws from the top then it could help to really insulate the skirting. But, I would leave some method of good, cross ventilation for the months when heat isn't needed.
The people selling the insulation job could have the tendency to overstate all the money that you are going to save. If the bottom of your home is well insulation and has not tears or gaps you probably won't get the savings that they are touting. I guess it will take an energy expect to determine your possilbe savings. Does your area have a free service that gives advice on energy saving devices? In my area we do.

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I live in the south (Tennessee - foothills to the smokeys) we probably don't have as harsh weather as you but, we have concrete block around our house which includes vents. The same vents there are around homes - these can open and close depending on the season. If you are concerned about the air under the house, I would suggest doing something such as this and put the moisture barrier over the ground. If moisture is trapped under the house, it can cause big problems such as mold which is a health concern. I'd certainly have another type of company come out and give another opinon

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