Where to get Homeowners Insurance??

markstephMay 20, 2008

We are in the process of purchasing a vacation property at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. The home is a 19 year old single wide (14x56) mobile home in very good condition. We are trying to find insurance coverage for it. We have State Farm on our main home and our cars but are having difficulty finding coverage for the mobile we intend to purchase. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that offer coverage for mobile homes?

Thanks, Mark

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I live in Alabama and had one heck of a time getting insurance as Allstate would not renew us after all the hurricanes here..Because we did not have our cars insured with them..Did not even give us a chance..So went with Formost through AARP..Good luck Linda

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Our insurance for our mobile home is through Grange. We have never had any problems with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grange insurance

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My insurance is through State Farm. Never had a problem getting it. Of course mine is a double wide maybe that makes it different?

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Check American Family they are good and even with mobiles homes in the country or boonies, I had mine listed with them after farm bureau bent me over the barrel. DO NOT GO FARM BUREAU they are liars. You will be happy with American Family trust me!

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I just finished speaking with my State Farm agent about a property I'm considering and after doing a little research, he told me that State Farm won't insure a mobile older than 20 years unless they're already carrying the risk on a policy, i.e. if they write a policy on a 19 year old home, they'll continue covereage as long as you pay premiums.

Also, the mobile has be be the policyholder's primary residence, and State Farm must also carry the policyholder's auto policy.

He also said the property had to be within 10 miles of a fire station and not at significant risk of wildfires, so the area would need to be pretty much cleared of underbrush, etc..

When I asked about premiums, he gave me some numbers from an existing policy of his... 26K building, 27K contents, 100K liability for $505/yr.

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We are with Farm Bureau and are very happy with their rates but have not made any claims. @countryboymo, why do you claim they are liars?

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