Need help tying three rooms together

SharimacJanuary 29, 2013

After posting in the kitchen forum on how to lighten up my kithchen, it was suggested I post here as well since I need any changes I make to the kitchen to coordinate with two adjoing rooms, the DR and LR. We purchased this 127 year old Italinate house in June and moved in July, then had my sister's wedding in our back yard, so doing anything inside has been on hold. A lot of restoration work has been completed already. We just found out a corner of our foundation (the original rock foundation) is caving in, so that is something I have to plan for financially as well this spring.

I am posting first the photos of the house from BEFORE we moved in since they are a better quality then the ones I took on my cell phone.

Kitchen before we moved in: From House From House

Kitchen after we moved in: From House From House

LR before: From House From House

LR after: From House From House

DR before: From House

DR after: From House

For sure, the woodwork in the DR is going to be painted white to match the rest of the house, except LR (it is an addition to the house in 1998). Previous homeowner said it was a mistake to strip it since it is cheap pine, looks awful and was historically meant to be painted. In kitchen, walls and ceiling are going to be painted a light cream and white and subway tile backsplash installed. All else must remain for time being. LR needs repainted as well, it is currently a matte taupe on walls and ceiling both.

I am not sure where to start to get these rooms to flow into one another. The DR has original oak hardwood floor, kitchen has ceramic tile and LR has new cherry hardwood floor, so I have three different flooring. If DH and I can do it ourselves with a relatively inexpensive flooring, we can redo kitchen ourselves.

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You have a beautiful home and some very nice things!

In the kitchen, I would suggest under-cabinet lighting. Are you actually considering removing this tile yourselves? Helluva job. If replacing with tile, choose a MUCH larger tile. 18-24." If using a wood-type floor, experiment with randomly mixing both the oak and cherry colors in your house. I've seen this done I would choose something that matches well with the countertops. I think they're going to be your biggest problem in that room. The bar stools are not in-keeping with the style of your house. I would try to find some that have backs on them.

In the dining room, table is the wrong size for that room (really, for any dining room IMO� should have seating for at least six in a formal dining room). The rug under it is too small even for that table. You seem to have very elegant and ornate light fixtures in the other rooms, but this one seems more contemporary and simple, and therefore not in-keeping with the style of your house. The light-colored table on the wall doesn't fit with any of the furniture in your photos. Paint, stain, or use elsewhere?

In the living room, the love seat, side table, coffee table, and wing chair have absolutely nothing connecting them to each other. No two of them go together. Use the wing chair as a guide to replacing other pieces, it's beautiful in that room and is the proper scale. The rug and chair are too similar (or appear to be). Will that rug fit in the dining room? That's the scale I'm thinking of for the DR� large. Then, in the living room, replace the rug with one that is darker to match the darker wood in there. When you put a light rug on a medium or dark floor, it looks too busy and too much contrast.

It seems there's a repetition of: cream, black, and mixed woods. (With the exception of the one red rug in the kitchen. I would make sure each room had those three colors, but with a different one being dominant in each room� keep the proportions off-balance so that the rooms don't all look the same. Then I would choose one accent color. Moss green or a deep red, for example. Place little "pops" of that color in every room. Alternatively, add a fourth color to the entire palate and just keep off-balancing the proportions.

Hope any of this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: One of many rug suggestions

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Wow, thanks so much! We really just are using what we had as far as furniture goes from our previous home. I purchased the two wing chairs after we moved in and still would like to replace the sofa if it's ok with Flash. That is really his sofa, or so he thinks.

The dining room rug is the only thing I have at the moment for that room. When we negotiated the house, we asked for both the huge area rugs, but we only got to keep the one from the DR, which is now in the LR. The runner in the kitchen is not permanent. If I put the area rug back into the dining room, would a little rug such as the one in the DR be too small to go into the LR?

All the black furniture it from our previous home, though the DR table is not the one that goes with my china cabinet and LR furniture, it is stored in the garage since it is a round pedestal table and only seats 4, so I brought this table in from my office to use. I would be willing to paint it all.
Is the light in the kitchen or the DR that you thought was too modern? I am up to change any of them out and have actually looked at period replica lighting.

How about the wallpaper, leave it or take it out? If it stays, I feel like I should use colors from it to carry over into the other two rooms. If I remove it, I basically have a blank slate with the exception of my wood furniture and wing chairs.

Would you suggest putting back the other stools (we got to keep those as well in the sale)in the kitchen? The ones from the Before picture with the backs?

It seems the common suggestion is the countertops are the problem, they have such a strange color, so I could replace those and leave the flooring in the kitchen for the time being. Would anyone suggest painting the bright brass hardware on all the cabinets? I really hate them since they seem so dated.

Very helpful, thank you so much!

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That wallpaper would be the first thing I would RIP off immediately. It dates the room in a BAD way. With a nice neutral paint you can add color through art. The DR table is too small. Something more for which to save.

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Wallpaper is gone, hurray! From House

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Oooh, looks like a wonderful space. How's it coming? I have spaces that open onto each other (entry, LR, DR, kitchen) so had a similar setup to contend with. I've read that you can choose three colors that go well together and emphasize different ones in each room. I ended up painting LR and DR the same color and will probably end up with a lighter version of the same yellow in the hall. One thing I did have success with was realizing I don't have to dress every window exactly the same-- it looks better to treat the DR windows a little differently, though in the same theme. I collected some Pinterest images that made me realize it was a good way to go. (This is not my LR below, let me clarify, just an example of what I mean.) Enjoy your exciting new house!

Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest image

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What a lovely home....what are your plans now for the DR walls??? A soft sage? Manchester tan, maybe?

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Removing wallpaper revealed a few flaws in the plaster, which we then tried to repair, only to have it turn to powder, sooooo, this is where I am now. From House From House From House

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Wow! That is an unexpected detour! What's the plan?

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Well, DH is picking up drywall today, I am just avoiding cleaning up all the dust. We aren't sure what to do with the brick chimney there in the corner.

While DH hangs up the drywall, I will start painting in the kitchen. My three colors I would like to work around are going to be white, cream and black. White, since that is what all the trim is, cream for walls, then the black is from my furniture and appliances.

We removed all the trim in the DR, so I will also paint that white while it is off, then just touch up after it is put back on. Walls in DR cream, walls in LR will be a bit brighter than cream, but not ultra white, since it is the darkest room. Kitchen will have cream on the walls and white trim as well. I know for sure I am using Dutch Boy ultra white for trim since previous home owner left a can of it labeled "trim". (I love it when they do that) I am picking up samples of creams when we go to the lumber yard for drywall this afternoon.

That is my plan so far and I am hoping I won't have to come up with a plan C, lol.

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Dutch Boy paint for ceiling, and I presume, walls, has terrible reviews (see below the thread), so if the trim color also doesn't work for you, you can always have it color matched by Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, or whatever paint you're using.

Very excited to follow along your DR, kitchen, LR redo!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dutch Boy paint

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Thanks for posting about the Dutch Boy paint. I will only be using it for the trim, which I assume will hold up ok since the can is marked 1998 (I will buy a new can, not use the leftover), so I imagine that is when the trim was repainted. I will probably use Valspar for the rest, but knowing me, I would probably have seen the Dutch Boy ceiling paint and thought how much easier that would be and end up buying it, so your pointing it out saved me a potential headache down the road.

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Sounds like a can from 1998 is an endorsement of paint longevity.

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Now that the thread about the kitchen and DR is moving towards part 2 in the kitchen forum, this reminded me of your living room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Patterns and colors flirt with wood

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