Can drywall be installed?

uniqcrafts2000May 10, 2006

In mobile homes can drywall be installed? I hate all the fake walls and was thinking of installing drywall. Should I do this?

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It CAN be installed, however I would only do it if I was on a foundation. There are reasons why there is paneling in a mobile home and one of them is that it needs to be moved. The mobile home will settle and move over time and paneling allows for this with little issues (although sometimes doors no longer shut or stay closed because of it).

I have a friend that they drywalled their second bedroom when their DS was born and all I could think was in awhile, they're going to have huge cracks down the wall :/ I thought the drywall was a GREAT idea until this occured to me and besides, we're not living in this mobile home forever. We want something bigger in the years to come!

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I have a large double-wide on a brick foundation. It was already drywalled in the main living areas and master bedroom and has held up well except for one crack. However, having had stick-built homes, I know for a fact that settling causes cracks in them too.

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Yes, it does but I think it could happen a lot more in a mobile home. Especially if say you decide to move it somewhere else or sell it and have someone else move it....imagine it going down the road and shaking and moving and what a mess that will be! ;)

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