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mandeApril 30, 2007


I have read through the posts regarding covering/painting vinyl covered wallboard. Many have used various kinds of primers and paints with success. I didn't notice whether some of these projects have been done in bathrooms? When we moved into our 1979 mobile home seven years ago the bathroom had just been painted by the previous owners. Since then the paint has chipped and peeled (but not in sheets like a previous poster) on the upper approx 18" on most of the walls, but no further down. I assume this is from the steam and moisture from the shower. We are in the process of renovating the entire home, including this bathroom. We have looked at the textured, and/or paintable wallpaper, but are unsure whether it would be affected by the chipping paint and moisture. We are also considering painting, but don't know what was done the last time and want to avoid that mistake, whatever it was. (A thought I just had was - is it possible that the wall was not sanded all the way to the ceiling and this is why the chipping/peeling goes no lower?) Another option is to just cover the walls with the 4' x 8' panels that look like ceramic tile (the name escapes me right now). My reservation with this is the look of ceramic tiles to the ceiling on all walls.

Can some of you who are much more experienced with these types of walls offer some suggestions?

Thanks alot for your help!!


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I think it's tileboard or sometimes called wallboard that you are thinking of. If you got the money and the help I would put up the tileboard which comes in many prints not just fake ceramic tile. Like everything else the tileboard becomes dated after a few years so you might think about going with something classic that will go for years.

Are you using your exhaust fan in bathroom letting it run for about 20 mins after showering is supposed to be a huge help with moisture problem in bathrooms.

Also when was the last time that exhaust fan was replaced or had a good cleaning an oiling? A slow dirty fan can really cut down on the moisture removal.

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I don't live in a mobile/manufactured home, but do have paintable wallpaper in one bathroom. It was pre-primed, so I used a good paint (do not remember if it is semi-gloss or a satin) and then I decided to put a varathane on top of the paint. I think I actually would have been okay without the topcoat, but it has been there over 4 years with no problems whatsoever including behind the sink. But I do, per the previous poster, use the fan when bathing or showering.

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