Please, help with identifying skirting

anncarolynApril 5, 2013

A friend of mine has a mobile (or modular) home in Florida. He lost some of the underpinning due to high winds. I am trying hard to help him find something similiar to replace it, but we have never seen anything that even resembles it. I took pictures of a small broken piece and maybe someone could help me identify it . Please take the time to look at the picture. Thank you so much.

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another picture from the side of the piece of underpinning.

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It would behelpful if you could indicate what this skirting seems to be made of, and a picture of the overall look. My GUESS is that it is some type of rigid foam. I have never seen any skirting in that herringbone pattern, though. How old is this skirting? It looks like it is breaking down, and if so it all needs to be replaced. Skirting isn't a one time deal for all time...

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