New Front Load Washer clothes too wet-Bosch Nexxt 100

pcummingDecember 16, 2006

Was all excited about my new washer since my old one died after 15 years. Well not excited but thought it would be an improvement.

I can get used to the 100 minute wash times and efficiency but I should have bought a 500 series Bosch since it has more features and 80 minute wash time.

Wanted to return unit but store told me they will send out a repair person.

What seems to be wrong?

Clothes are sopping wet or very wet after a washer load is run.

If I put in 1 towel it is soaking wet. I could live in the desert on the towel for a week.

If I put in 2 towels and 2 jeans-again very very wet.

Tried 4 towels and still wet but not as bad.

Tried it with no detergent, some detergent. I know all bolts are out. I know that it is draining as I watched the water pour out of the drain hose. Unit does not bounce around so I assume it is level and I could place an object on top and it would not move.

I can see it spinning like heck. I even put it on an extra spin and load still wet.

This is an 800rpm unit. I cannot adjust the spin at all.

****Ideas? Bad Unit?

***Can I wash just one item in it?

**What is considered a normal load that is acceptable-3 towels and 2 jeans seem fine to me and they came out wet but not as bad as one towel

I cannot feel water in the bottom of the drum after the cycle.

Do most front load units have clothes come out wetter than usual and then require 2x the dryer time???

I will know more Monday when the service person comes out.

then I may have some leverage with appliance chain that sold me the unit. The chain is a good one and I have bought before but supposedly once you get a unit in your house the manufacturer and chain hate to take it back. I even offered them $200 to take it back and I would upgrade to the 500 series. But no dice until serviceman looks at this.

Thanks, Peter

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Something must be haywire inside your new washer. Maybe the water drain is partially clogged and water remains in the outer tub during the spin cycle. Or the spin cycle is not running long enough to extract the water from your clothing.

Clothing comes out of our Bosch washer damp, not sopping wet.

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Should it matter if I put one item in washer like a towel OR a pair of jeans? One item.

Or do I need to put in 1/3 to 1/2 load to get best drying??

Thanks, Peter

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I don't think a one item wash load should make a difference. I only have one example to back me up on that statement. I washed a single pair of jeans that had been used for many days of chain saw firewood work and they were disgustingly full of chain oil spray and sawdust, not to mention a little mud. I ran the extra long power wash with bleach and extra rinsing. Two plus hours later the jeans came out clean and damp.

The washer has sensors that figure out how much laundry you put in the tub and set the water usage accordingly. Maybe you have a defective sensor.

Hopefully the repairman on monday will identify the source of your problem. Getting a part replaced may take a while from what I have read. Our washer has been well behaved so far.

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A single thirsty item - like a single towel - is a real test for a FL, since it is impossible to perfectly balance it. If the machine cannot balance the load, it will not spin at highest speed. - DR

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Looks like a single item can cause problems with spinning. But I have had 50% success rate when I had other items. Supposedly the Bosch manual says to put in large and small items. So if you put in 3 towels and 2 jeans-those are large items. Go figure....

In any event I wrote a Corporate Communications person at Bosch who referred me to a web form. Then I thought why not call up the local President of the appliance store chain. He seemed very willing to help me and I sent him an email as he requested. I think now I have some leverage to get a new 500 series or perhaps a GER Front Loader. They are supposed to be (per the appliance repairman who found nothing wrong) best for 2nd floor installation.


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The Bosch washer, along with most other frontloaders, have a sensor to determine if the load is out of balance and it will slow down the drum and try to redistribute the load and then try to come back up to speed. If the load is still out of balance it will slow down again and try all over. I think the Bosch will try this about 14 times before it just runs at a very slow speed.
These F/L's do this to keep from tearing themselves apart or hopping across the room.
1 or 2 towels will not balance so the unit will never run at full speed.
Try running the unit with a larger load and it will probably spin properly. Larger loads will distribute more evenly. Changing the unit to another brand won't cure your problem if it's imbalanced loads to begin with.
At my house we are usually running 8 or more towels in a load and we don't have any problems with too much water left in the towels or balance problems.

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Oversudsing. Do you have a water sofener?

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