5.5kg- equivalnet cu.ft?

lip2000December 7, 2009


I'm looking at the Miele W1612 to get the high 95 degree celcius temperature. If you have ever washed your clothes(whites) in Europe, you will quickly realize that there is no use spending a ton of money on a washer when it can't get whites really white, even using bleach...

Anyway, I'm trying to get a feel for how big this will be. We are used to North American sizes now but my wife is originally from France so her only worry is our queen size conforter and large blankets.

Any info on what the equivalent north american size would be would be great.


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O.K., one of my FLs is European. It is 1.72 cf and it takes 12 lb (dry) of laundry like cotton ,jeans etc. It is recomended to use less laundry if I wash synthetics (6 lb)and even less for wool (2.2 lb)to prevent wrinkling.
I used this small washer when I lived alone but after my bf moved in, we were doing laundry all the time.
The 1.72 cf does not take queen size comforter-well at least not my washer. I had to get big washer too b/c of it.
What I would recomend, get on the scale, then collect some laundry in plastic bag to give you the 5-6 kg needed for washing. This way it gives you an idea how much it will fit in the washer. If you comforter isn't thick or more than the 5-6 kg dry, it might wash out good.Maybe it would only need extra rinse just in case.
From my own experience, I 'd like to say I love the little washer better b/c it rinses better than the big one and it heats up water to 194! But big machine is handy for king comforters and big and heavy loads.
And of course, use Persil!

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I was just looking at our Bosch, It says it takes 6kg, and it's pretty darn small. Takes 4, maybe 5, bath towels, and I'm not even talking the big ones. Four or 5 pair of jeans. One set of sheets. and maybe a couple of extra pillowcases.
I vaguely remember someone saying it was 2.8cu feet. If it's just you and your wife, I guess you could go to the laundry mat for the big stuff. With kids, this thing is a pain in the butt.

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dunwaukin, it sounds like your machine is about the same size as mine.
There are washers I think about 2.6 cf and they take about 8 kg of laundry. I might be wrong here but thats what I learned few years ago when buying this twinky little wonder. Maybe now the sizing is different.
I also remember, when my daughter visited w/ our grandson, it was pain to do laundry too. It just never stopped!
I definatelly recommend bigger size for two or more people.Something like 3.5 cf makes more sense.My other fl is 4.00 and it's only two of us so we have two machines and I could not be hapier. I have option to do small loads in small washer or anything big or just bigger load in the other washer. This way I have no dirty laundry to sit and collect for days.

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I haven't washed at 95C. But I do get much whiter whites at 60C with oxygen bleach, compared to typical American wash temperatures with chlorine bleach. 60C or higher is available in North American size machines, either the Miele W4840 with wash temps in 10C steps, or many brands with a sanitary cycle (but with a big gap between "hot" setting and the sanitary setting).

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I have a Miele W1918 washer, rated as a 5Kg washer. I don't know what the cubic foot capacity is, but certainly much smaller than most N. American washers. I do know, however, that I don't have any problem washing queen-sized blankets, albeit, one at a time. A queen-sized down comforter will also fit, but it's a bit of a squeeze. That being said, once a down comforter is wet, it's volume is greatly reduced, so it washes very nicely. A synthetic comforter might not work as well.

Hope that helps.

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It's hard comparing capacity in weight(kg) to volume (cf). Samsung has a chart that shows their 4.0 cf washers handling 14kg, and their 4.5cf washers handling 16kg. That puts the equation as:

Capacity in Cubic Feet = Capacity in Kilograms / 3.5

(You can see the post with the chart part way down the page at: http://answers.us.samsung.com/answers/7463/product/WF448AAP_XAA/questions.htm )

I don't know if the conversion factor is different for other brands.

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Well are we talking IEC or DOE capacity ratings? Cubic foot ratings in IEC language are generally higher numbers than for DOE. Assuming IEC ratings for the above numbers, it's extremely interesting that Samsung rates their 4.0 cuft machine at 14 kg while Miele's 4.0 cuft machine is rated at 8 kg. Although Miele does not publicly state the weight capacity in their consumer literature, the tub itself shows an 8 kg rating per the service manual.

8 kg = 17 lbs. I doubt you can comfortably fit 17 lbs of laundry into a 4.0 cuft space, so take those ratings with a grain of salt.

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No argument from me about capacity comparisons being a mess.

Samsung's chart says it's using IEC capacity ratings for volume, and "Domestic Market Standard" for weight.

The Miele I used to own (W1926) was rated at 6kg by Miele and apparently had a 2 cu ft sized tub. That's gives a ratio of 3.0, which isn't far off the 3.5 Samsung's numbers indicate.

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Traditionally, the ratio for front-loading washing machines is 1:10. One kilo of laundry requires ten liters of drum volume. Miele's largest domestic washers are 3.07 ft3 (86 liters) so that's 19 lbs (or 8,6 kilos). The true ft3 numbers for front loaders can be obtained from EnergyStar.gov

To easily convert anything, just enter xx kg to lbs or xx liters to cu ft or xx c to f into Google and it will instantly be converted. The biggest washer is currently sold by Electrolux. Its drum can take 27.5 lbs. Samsung's PowerFoam washer can handle 26.7 lbs. Just look at EnergyStar.gov.


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