Anyone enlarge a window in their mfg home?

desertstephApril 30, 2009

I'm getting one in about a month... will be redoing the kitchen next fall/winter. i want to live in it for a few months first to see how it flows for me before making decisions on those changes.

but one thing I know won't change and that is wanting a larger window over the kitchen sink!

has anyone replaced / enlarged a window in their home? any special concerns to be aware of?

the window there now is maybe 3' - 3.5' wide. I'd like it a good foot wider or more. About how much does it cost to change out a window? are we talking hundreds of dollars - or more like 1,000.00 or more? besides the cost of the actual window that is...

I have a kitchen and a bath to redo so i have to plan out and be careful with my money! and I'm sure i'll want a deck and / or porch before too long also...


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We had them switch a larger window in kitchen for a smaller window at the time of manufacture.We took larger window and had them put it in the guest room and the smaller window from guest room in kitchen. We have way more light than we needed in kitchen and we needed the wall space for my china cabinet.

Soooooooooo. If I were you I would let them do this at time of manufacture if you are getting a new one. Cost about 80 dollars to make the change and they will get all the inspections done on it. I have heard if you make structural changes with out engineering it could be a problem for resale later on. If you know you want that window bigger now then just do it.


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thx Chris! but it's not new... about 10 yrs old. I'm going to redo the kitchen later this yr and am already working on my plans and problems...

after living in it a few months (about 6 by then I hope) I may decide it is big enough and want to use the space for a cabinet...but I usually think the bigger the window the better! the kitchen IS small (about 10x10) with doorways on 2 sides of it - so even a foot more of cabinet space is valuable to me also!

I'll check out that 'changing' of things in it.

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I think we have the standard 30 inch window over the sink. At another house it was a 42 inch window. I guess I am a slob because I have such a hard time keeping splatters off the window. So in my case the smaller the better. LOL But as said before we have lots of light in here with another 30 inch window in the dinning room area and a 46 inch window on other wall same room and it is all open to the living room with 4 46 inch windows. And two glass doors. Oh and a glass door in the laundry room which lets light into the kitchen.


Here is a link that might be useful: Some kitchen pictures in this album.

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a glass door in the laundry room? wow - you have tons of windows! I do have a skylight - can't see out of it tho!

and a big window and a glass door in the LR/DR next to the kitchen. there are 2 doorways from there into the kitchen. if it weren't for all the light they let into the kitchen, I'd want to board up one of them.

I just want more 'outside' coming inside!

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changing for a larger window is no big deal..smaller yes..the most important thing to remember is to order your window in NEW CONSTRUCTION form and not as a "replacement window" new construction will come with all the bells and whistles to make the window work properly in your space and a replacement window will not and will cost you more for some reason.

remembe to plan for the framing in of the window in the exact "rough opening" measurement size and buy your window by that size..

you will be getting the window and lumber "first"..esp if you have to special order..make sure there are no wires or plumbing in the area where you will be removing the old window. will ..after you have received your new window..carefully remove the old window starting from the inside of the home..remove the mouldings..use a sawsall or reciprocating saw to cut through any nails..unless you are lucky enough to find screws..not likely.

the window should now practically fall out to the outside..but there may be fasteners of somekind or trim on the likely in a mobile.

have some people inside and out to remove it..then carefully remove the siding to the "rough opening shape" should be able to cut it..cut the drywall inside to the shape with a drywall saw..and using the sawsall or reciprocating saw..cut away the lumber that framed the old window..frame the new window in with lumber..this might be a bit tricky in a mobile..depends on what is in there..and make sure there is a good solid header above the window and a good support below it is going to be heavier than the old window..

then slide in the new window from the outside..and fasten it in..probably with you can remove them ..that is what i use..

and then caulk and seal around it really good..put a bit of flashing or tar paper to seal water out at the top under the siding and then out over the top of the window..and refasten the siding down to fit as securely as you can around the window..remember vinyl siding leave the nails or screws out a tad from the wall so the siding can breathe and move..or it will buckle.

and then go inside and put up your new framing..and you should be done other than removing the stickers and cleaning the glass..

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ronbre - thx so much for all of that info!

it is the window above the sink - but no plumbing should be that high up. I'd just be going wider - it's really as high up as it can go and as low as it can go - the bottom of the sill is even with the top of the countertop back edge(the backsplash edge goes up about 4"). so wider would be about it.

I'll copy out this info and put in my window file...

my dbf did have some of his men work on a mfg homes a few yrs back but I don't know if they changed the size of a window. hopefully they won't think it's impossible...

after watching yrs of those remodel shows and them changing windows out and then reading your info it sounds like it shouldn't be that difficult. some expense, some work, some strength (which I don't have), some saws (dbf has those you listed), a lot of care and some time... but doesn't everything??? lol! dbf will think I'm nuts (he already knows that) and won't think a wider window will be worth the money/work either. won't be the first time we didn't agree on something tho. my place, my money - but I hope he'll loan his strength etc along with a worker or 2 of his.

thx again!

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changing out from a smaller to a larger window is one of the easiest remodeling jobs i've ever picked a fairly easy one..make sure that you have help for the heavy window on the catch it falling out end..and lifting it into the hole end..

i did everything else myself when i did it but had son help me hold it while i put the screws to it..etc.

oh get a level too

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ron - thx so much. I'll be letting the guys do the heavy work. I'll stand around to be sure they do it right...and hold the level for
them until they need it - lest they think they don't need it - lol!

I could help with some heavier projects before I got sick back in 2001, but no longer can do it. That's frustrating because I was
used to doing a lot of things for myself that I now have to depend
on others to do for me or at least have them be the major 'help' in it.

I'll need a level for a number of projects so I'll pick up one at HD. I'm sure dbf probably has one but I need /want one to keep here.
I remember using one as a kid ... i have no idea what for now - probably thought it was fun to get the bubble in the center.

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We will actually be adding a window where none existed on a solid wall. Not done yet, but my husband said the bracing and framing is what is more important - a header, and whatever else is important when any window is installed. He does not have a concern about it so I don't think it will be a big issue. He has installed windows and doors in homes in the past so he feels confident with this installation.

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If you are still paying for the home, you had better check with your lender. I had broken windows moving my mfg home. Insurance informed me I could not change sizes until it was paid for with GreenTree.
I am trying to get help fixing my broken hemlock fir 2x6 floors 1996Cavco in Arizona. Clayton sold it to me.Crooks, both of them!

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