mistyblue_2008April 1, 2008

My mobile home is leaking in some spots when it rains. Its all on one side. I had it repaired when I first bought it(when it was new) It was under warrenty then. Now its starting to leak again. I was told it was the sealant the manufactuer ussed wasn't any good. My son-in-law looked but he can't tell where its leaking. What kind of sealant do I need to use and where do I put it?

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This problem will be resolved only by having a knowledgeable person deal with it in person.

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we have had leaks a few times at our house. we just re-sealed the roof and that took care of it each time. we bought the stuff that you can get from walmart that is white and it dries on like rubbert, and it helps with keeping the house cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. our house is 14x70 and we used 2 buckets. i think the buckets were around $40 each. you can buy one of those paint rollers with a long stick for painting ceilings, and use that to apply the sealant. just make sure you cover all of the roof really well, especially along the edges of the roof and around the heat ducts and things like that.

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Do you have a shingled roof? If so, try checking the seams around your roof vents. We have just discovered this problem ourselves where they are getting clogged with leaves etc. and water is leaking in from there. Other than cleaning them out I'm not sure at this point if they can be sealed too. I hope this will help you. (Our water damage is on the outside walls mostly.)

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