Modular Direct company...anyone know about them?

charlene717April 19, 2007

this is a wholesale, sell directly to the consumer company of modular homes, The prices are nice, but I am wondering if they are too good to be true. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks

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I don't know but what an interesting concept and it looks like you can save a ton of money but you have to do the work in getting everything done. I just emailed them to find out what they are all about. They look pretty good to me though. I hope to find out more because with land so expensive here in NJ this wil be they way I would have to go if I wanted to do modular.

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I have been in contact with this company now over the past few days. They are very dedicated and helpful people. They really allow you to save lots of money on building a modular home. They allow you to buy the home wholesale cost but you have to do all the work. Now that will save you a TON of money but you can also hire a project manager to do all that work but it will add about $15,000 to the cost of the house. That is small price to pay to cut out all the headaches. Also even with spending $15,000 on a project manager you stil save a TON of money buying the moduklar home wholsale. Looks to be a great deal to me. I will look at using them in a year or so. The modular manufacturer is Custom Building Systems which also see to be a very good company. Interesting concept this all is.

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We all know the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it always is!". I would definately reccomend getting lots of referals to past customers of this company to see how it worked out for them. If this company is proud of their homes, they should have unlimited "Happy" customers who bought those homes. Find out if any of their homes have been constructed close to your area. Go see the completed home in person. Talk to some of their home owners to see just how happy they are with their project. Best Wishes, Matt.

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