DH in a legal time warp for buying DW

wantoretire_didApril 14, 2010

Hoping for an offer on our stick built home after 1-1/2 yrs. on the market and drastic lowering of price and $8,000 tax credit in the deal. We are having open house this Sat. and Sunday. We have found a great DW to buy in an over 55 community, but DH, who has a real estate background, wants to have a title search done as to any liens, etc. on the DW. Also wonders about an inspection. The home is 8 years old. Current owner for 2 years who has taken very good care and many upgrades.

I have a legal background on real estate, and can't convince him that legally, buying a manufactured home is like buying a car. Any advice here? There's precious little online.

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Humor him. What harm can it do? He'll sleep better at night and won't blame you everytime something goes wrong.

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Thanks pris - That's the usual stance I take ;-)

We had 2 lookers yesterday; not what the realtor had expected on this 'blitz' open house weekend. Hoping for more today. I'm about to give up hope, at least for this year.

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Wantto, why are you ready to give up hope? Would not the time just at the end of school year be the prime time for lookers to become buyers? Don't throw in the towel yet, this is a new kind of R/E market, and you have to reel 'em in slow like. Always keep your bait fresh.

Two lookers is better than none.

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I see no problem getting a title search. I would want one. Especially if the DW is on it's own property. And as far as an inspection, why not? I would want one too. Because no matter what type of house it is, manufactured, modular, or stick built, you should have it inspected for trouble or potential trouble. Because after you close, EVERY house is like a used car. You own it.

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Moccasinlanding - It's been nearly 2 years since we listed - 3 days before the crash. It's just so frustrating to prepare for showing then not even have any feedback other than its cute, clean. well maintained, and not even an offer. There was a real estate blitz last weekend to reel in those looking for the $8k credit and there were 3 very interested lookers. I'm not packing yet.

Christopherh -DH has calmed down. No title search on a DW in a park. In NY its the same as buying a car. Whhhooo, scary, but that's how it is. We will go for an inspection.

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