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cinrobApril 16, 2010

I am new here. I am in trouble, as my cheap masonite siding is swelling and splitting and needs replacing. My home has the curved metal roof with the siding going underneath the jrail gutter/roof. Is it ok to replace these sheets, or will I damage the roof? I have to do something fast, as I am a single mom and I have to get our home liveable. Please help.

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My neighbor was just in the same situation. I will ask her for what she did. I know there is new siding on her house now. I work today but will get back to you as soon as I can.


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Finally got in touch with neighbor. She has been working late. They have two manufactured homes. His and hers. LOL Hers needed all new siding because when water runs off the roof it runs right down the side of the house. There were wide head nails on the edge of her metal roof that had to be removed.

Then the metal lifted up new siding put on.There was also a rubber sealer piece. Think large wide rubber band kind of thing that went all the way around the edge and she said it needed to be put back exactly right or the water will leak inside down the walls.

Patch over where the nails were and nails replaced into same holes into the new edge/trim boards that is put on top of the siding.

On his house a tree branch fell onto the roof smashing a couple of trusses. His house had screws into solid sheet of metal, he said every three inches, on roof that had to be removed. The sheet metal rolled back trusses repaired then all put back with the patch again where each screw went.

I would have a professional do this. She is having trouble with leaks already and this was just done for her last fall.


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