Lint buildup beneath access area in Speed Queen dryer...

threeapplesDecember 14, 2013

The lint catcher in my speed queen dryer is made of mesh. There is an area beneath it where lint is collecting, but unless I remove the bolts holding this mesh part in place I can't clean that. My clothes are full of lint and I suspect this is why. Any ideas on what to do?

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The air duct is down wind of the clothes drying cylinder, there is no correlation between lint on your clothes and lint in the air duct on the other side of the filter.

For the record, I always wipe out the lint before pulling my clothes out.

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I wipe my lint out first, too.

So what might be causing my problem then?

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Does the lint cover all loads or just some? Some fabrics tend to shed lint while others collect it - mixing these fabrics in one load can cause problems. Does your dryer dry as fast as it used to? Maybe the vent is starting to clog and the suction isn't as strong as it used to be so lint isn't sucked from the load as good as before. Finally, is the area surrounding the dryer clean? Dust etc. around the dryer will be sucked into the unit during the cycle - although the heater or gas flame should get rid of most of that.


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This was installed in May and has been performing optimally ever since. The area around it is clean. For example, my son's pillow pet will come out if the dryer wiry fuzzies and his hair on it, which should not be clinging to freshly laundered items. I do wash like materials together.

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I have the SQ 542 and matching gas dryer since April and I have no problems with it even mixing different fabrics. Have tried or do you use fabric softener? Maybe even some white vinegar in the final rinse would help.

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I do not use fabric softener. I'll try white vinegar, thanks.
Do you also have lint beneath the lint catcher?

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All dryers get some lint accumulation "in the system." The filter is not intended to catch 100% of the lint, it would clog very quickly if it did. Whether the user sees the accumulation depends on the design of the filter assembly.

The airflow direction is over the clothes and into the filter as was said above, so lint beneath the filter isn't going to get on the clothes.

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So how do I figure out why I'm getting all the lint?

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The filter in the dryer really isn't to keep lint off the clothes, it's to reduce lint accumulation in the machine's blower components and in the exhaust ducting, from blowing into the homeowner's yard at the outlet.

If the filter wasn't there, any lint (which is fabric abraded off the clothes) would be pulled out of the drum and tumbling load with the airflow same as it is now.

What causes lint? Anything that results in excess fabric abrasion ... overdrying, overloading, using too-aggressive of a washer cycle. Fabric softener can perhaps help being as it's a lubricant for the fabric fibers.

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