Asko washing machine's probably death

marcydcDecember 14, 2011

So my Asko W6021 washing machine, purchased in Oct 2005, is apparently dead. I'm waiting on the service guy to call me back and tell me how much a new pump, motor, and motherboard will cost. I'm betting its more than the cost of a new one.

So, what are my options? I'm not sure I want to stick with Asko. This thing has been a bit of a PITA. Its motherboard died once before (had a big burn mark on it) and I've had service calls for dimes stuck in it.

The washer plugs into the dryer, which is 220V. I don't need a new drier - it works fine. But will any other washer (perhaps Miele) plug into the dryer? There's no other electrical outlet in my closet.

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Is your husband or you handy at all?

we replaced the motor on the asko circa 2000. It is very easy to replace the motor if you two are handy. Are you sure you need pump, motor and the motherboard. That seems like alot of things...

Actually, it was not the motor. It was the brushes on the motor that wore out. Unfortunately, there is no way to buy just the brushes of the motor in the USA. On the European ebay, they sell the brushes for abvout $5.00. I thought of buying the brushes and having it shipped to USA for a nominal fee but who knows how long that would have taken...

All brushes will eventually wear out in electrical motors unless you get brushless motor (which has its own advantages and disadvantages...) My brother has taken the motor to some electrical shops and had them find generic brushes to fit in the motor. Brush is a carbon piece that is usually about 2inches long by 1/2 in or so.

The motor cost about $300 and my DH installed it for free.

I am so not willing to go to a washing machine that washes at luke warm temperature. I also was not ready buy a new set for $4000, which would be how much a Miele set would have cost me. Like you, I would have to figure out a set that works with the existing dryer.

Do you not have another 120V in the closet?

If you only have single 240V option, your only option is an American made top load W/D that is bolted/stacked together. I had to make this decision for my rental condo... They call these laundry centers. I had a laundry center with top load in another of my rentals. They actually work well enough but not as well as the Asko. You will miss the Asko, IMHO, if you end up replacing it.

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Thanks for responding kais!

Husband is very handy. I'm sure he could do the work.

The repairman got it to kind of work by moving the drum to a particular spot and hitting start then. Since he left, I cannot seem to do that trick :( He said the noise (slight click when the motor is moving) indicates a "bad spot" in the brushes. I do see brushes for the motor on - if i got the right hit. $57.

His theory is the the pump is weak and failing causing the motor to struggle with a load of heavy stuff, harming a part of it. Although, we do often get caught coins and that leaves things wet and heavy in there when it stops - maybe that is the cause and not a failing pump. The load right before the death was perfectly normal though. So he thinks that stress then hurt the motherboard. There is a slight burn mark on it near what he called the chip that drives the motor.

pump price there - $103. Motherboard $355.

So I'm over $500 in parts alone.

DH doesn't want another asko since this only took 6 years to happen. We are a family of 4 - kids 12 and 14 - and we do a lot of laundry - maybe 10 loads a week.

I don't have a 120V in the closet. I could call an electrician :( - that'd probably be 300-500 where we live.

My mom had one of the American stackers and it was very tiny. I think adequate for 1 person, but not us.

It has to be 24" wide too - any larger won't fit.

Probably no way I can keep the asko dryer without getting a new asko washer I assume. I hate to get rid of working things and I certainly don't care if they match since they are in my study upstairs and behind a closed all the time door.

I guess a new Asko would give me a warranty of 5 years again - maybe an extended one might be worth it too.

Here is a link that might be useful: parts on

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This is just my opinion but it sounds like your repairman wants to rebuild your washer instead of just fixing the problem. I would tell him you just need it working and if its going to cost that much your going to just get a new one from a box store.

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i did tell him that i paid about 1K for it and he said "yeah, with a good warranty on a new one, i'd do that".

if that company hadn't been here 2x before, i'd probably be more skeptical.

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Asko went to a brushless motor design in 2003. Asko scheduled a "field upgrade" of my machine in 2003 to a brushless design, and under warranty, without my needing to request it. I had the W6761 model purchased in 2002.

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So the repair bill is $777 (of that $150 in labor). I can get a new W6222T for $1099 (its been discontinued, but pacific sales still has some).

Anyone know if the W6222 is a reliable machine?

I did love how clean the asko got things...

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I almost bought the 6222 but decided to get the newer replacement model, the 6424W. I paid $1134 which included tax, delivery (about 50 miles one way) and installation. I would think the discontinued model should be much less. I also bought the matching dryer for $786. So far I love them and, like kaismom, can't see ever going back to a washer that doesn't offer the ability to set the water temperature. If I were marcydc, I'd probably buy the replacement brush and see if that does the trick, then move on to the pump etc.

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So on the advice of my local appliance store guy, I contacted Asko about why a 6 year old machine is basically dead. After I send them my original invoice and repair order, Asko agreed to pay for all the parts! I just have to cover labor.

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It pays to ask!

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