need opinions on roof option (foam and vinyl/rubber skin)

coatfetishApril 12, 2013

Hi ~

First some info on my mobile home. It's a Norris made in 1988, and the roof is metal, not shingle. It's 14' x 76' in size.

I hope someone can help me gain info on a roof option I'm considering. I wish I could be more helpful by telling you what it's called, but I didn't get the name of the system. I'll describe it to the best of my abilities;

It consists of a thick foam, about 2" thick I think, and that is covered by a vinyl/rubber looking skin. It's a fairly common mobile home roof, I think. The last time I had my roof coated (3 years ago) I went from the old aluminum type which the home's always had to the white elastomeric (sp?) kind of coating. It cost me $400 to get that last time - 3 years ago - and now it's leaking already. btw, they only did the seams then one coat. They were supposed to do two coats but the person felt the one thick coat would do. I don't know if that has anything to do with it leaking now or if 3 years is normal wear. It started leaking at the 2,5 year mark. If i want to go with recoating the roof with two new coats they are going to credit me 1/2 the original price, so I'd only have to pay $200 instead of $400. It is only leaking at the exterior edge on the site of a roof panel seam. Not a big spot at all. At their suggestion, I am considering just patching that spot rather than doing the whole roof, then saving my $$ to get the foam roof later this year. They were telling me about the foam roof and how it triples my heat retention, energy saving, and so forth.

What I'd like to know is if that's true, and how fragile are these roofs? It will cost between $3700 and $3800 to do this, money that will take me the better part of the year to save. Are they really worth it? I also have the option to stick with the white elastic type and get a new kind that has a 10 warranty. It would be $300 but not have any of the supposed heat/cooling savings. (My electric runs $320 in the winter, and $200 in the summer - I only have electric heat. I keep my thermostat on 67 in the winter and would be willing to spend the big bucks if it does what they say)

I just tried calling the mobile home supply to get the name of the foam roof and it's warranty info, but they didn't answer. Sorry!

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With utility bills that low, it is tough to justify the full expense of that style of re-roof based solely on the savings.

Obviously the savings would not amount to a full reduction in your total utility bill either so there would be some time before you recover that amount.

I would probably just re-coat it and ask the guys about a system called Gaco.

We have applied that system with success and it supposed to last a really long time.

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I don't think $320 for heat in the winter and $200 in the summer is low. The utility bill is high in my opinion. We had our roof coated also and we are thinking of using the rubber for our roof in a few years. We have to save for it also because it will run $3500 but it's guaranteed for life of the mobile home and should insulate the roof.

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