Board and batten vinyl siding

Sheri_CApril 28, 2013

Several weeks ago I posted a question about different types of vinyl siding for our double wide. At the time we were thinking of going with a traditional horizontal type of siding, but one of the responses from ingardenguy57 made me think that vertical board and batten siding might actually be the way to go, since, as he stated, it would make the MH look taller. I always like to get some visuals before making a decision. Has anyone put vinyl board and batten style siding on their MH? If so, could you post a few pictures? Also, was it more expensive than horizontal? I've also heard that water can get behind the siding and cause damage, and I'm wondering if that is just for the actual wood board and batten that has that problem. Any pics and/or info would really be appreciated.

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Hello Sheri,Sorry I dont have any pics of our project. Our contractor has not gotten started on our job yet. The product we will be using is Certain Teed Board and Batten. It is a premium siding which is .48" in thickness.This is much thicker than the standard siding that is normally used on double wide's.

The cost is a bit higher than standard siding, and as far as the water issue, if it is installed correctly that should not be an issue. We will also be doing a house wrap under the siding as well. I will post some pics when we get the project complete.

If you go to they have pics and specs of product there. You can aslo Google Board and Batten siding, if you want to get a look at it.

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Ingardenguy57--Thanks for responding--your comment a few weeks ago about making the mobile home look taller made a lot of sense. I'd be great to see the finished project. We have a little more time to think about the siding options, as we try to do one big job each year and this year it's a new roof and installing some chair rail with beadboard in some of the main rooms. But I think our next big project will be new siding and I'm definitely leaning towards board and batten now.

Thanks again.

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