My first mobile home

newmobileownerApril 28, 2006

Hi! Everyone, I just bought a 2006 mobile home. Double-wide,3 bedrooms,2 full baths livingroom,familyroom ,dining room and kitchen and laundryroom. It's going to be put together from June15th till July15th. Any suggestions on what to look for when I walk thru after they are all done with my home? I'm sure glad I found this site. I'm sure I will visit alot and have alot of questions. The home is being put on a lot in Newport News,Va. One more question; it will have a wood burning fireplace, Any comments or warnings? Thanks so much for your input.

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Here's a few things to do while the workers are there..also make a paper list for the company you bought it from, and a copy for you, as they may have to report the adjustments to their boss before doing them to get the ok first:

Open & shut all doors & windows-and cabinet doors & drawers. Make sure they work properly. Also-inside doors to bedrooms & baths-to ensure they don't 'rub' on any carpet, etc.

Do they connect the water & electric? If so...turn on all appliances, flush all toilets, run water in sinks & look underneath their cabinets, to check for leaks, and also to see if you have hot water? Check for caulking in all tub/bath enclosures. Also-check the towel bars, toilet paper fixtures in bathrooms to ensure they are securely attached!

Check light switches-both for inside & out to make sure they work. Also your stove lights & exhaust fan.

Sliding doors? Shower doors? Make sure they glide smoothly in their tracks.

Check where the 2 halves of the home are joined at the ceiling and walk barefoot on the floor where they are joined-to make sure there's no unevenness.

Is VA required to have the hurricane straps outside? (tie-downs). If so-make sure they are securely connected.

Oh-and don't forget to get all of the KEYS! Enjoy your new home!!

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Thank you so much for that info. I never would have done all of that. Va does require hurricane straps. I'm going to copy this down so I can have it with me when the home is done. I'll let everyone know how it comes out. I'm so excited.

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Also look over all the materials in the home, especially flooring. When my Dad and Mom bought the trailer we live in right now 18 years ago, there were a few flaws with the flooring. They gave them all new carpet but they had to have it installed (that may have been because we were already moved in and Mom didn't want to drag everything out to have it done :) ) And they fixed an area in the vinyl flooring where they had to piece it and didn't do a good job.

GL to you!


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Thanks. I'll make sure I look over the flooring very good. I don't want to pay for anything after I move in. It's costing enough already.

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I have another question. When my mobile home is built,will it be built at the factory and then just brought to the place I bought it at? A double wide comes in 2 pieces,right? Then when it's put on my lot they put it all togther? Right? I just talked with my saleslady and I was so excited that it will be here soon that I forgot everything she said. Thanks again for your help.

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A double wide means two units. The manufacturer will deliver it to the dealer. Then a local towing/setup crew will deliver the units to your lot, level and secure them together. Then the exterior will be completed for the roof and walls where the units join. Same for the interior, including floors. Electrical, plumbing hookups will probably be done by contractors licensed in those trades. Central air/heat pumps will require hookup by licensed contractors. Usually all the work at your lot can be done within a week.

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Thanks. I'm so excited about moving in. I'll let everyone know when I do. Thanks so much for all your info.

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Hi There !

Be sure when your home is delivered to
have a ladder available (or use the workers)
to climb up and inspect the roof/attic area.
My husband had bought a double wide years ago;
and paid extra $$ for extra insulation. When
the delivery men were there my husband ask to climb
up and inspect the material. WOW was he surprised, there
wasn't any insulation in it much less the extra he
paid for. Had he not thought to look; he would have never
known b/c the house would have been put together
making the attic space unviewable. (well I guess he
would have found out something was wrong during the
winter months and high power bills)

Having said all of that, please make sure that
your new home is insulated !!

If you inspect and find that there isn't any
insulation...ask them to stop the process. Insist
for them to get someone to come out &
spray in the need insulation.

Enjoy !!

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Gosh,there is so much to look into. I'm so afraid that I am going to miss something and then be so sorry later. I'm already sorry about the lot I'm on. It's so small. It doesn't look like a double-wide lot,but they say it is. My yard in front in not there and my yard in back is very small. But I'm okay with that cos I can't do alot of yard work anyways. But I'm looking at your responses everyday so I remember what to look for. I have everything written down also. The trailer is on the lot and they will be building the stairs and deck this week. The hurricane straps are in and the electrical. I'll keep you informed.

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Take something with you that you can plug in to test the outlets. Make sure that all of the outlets work. Make sure that you get the name and phone number of each type of contractor who works on your house just in case you have problems. Even though your dealer will have to warrant the work you can still call and talk to them if there is an issue or if you have questions later. Remember you paid for all of this so you are entitled to service AFTER the sale too.

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Thank you. That's how I feel too. I paid alot for this and I am going to be a pain in the neck if things aren't right. They have my back stairs up now and I think they are working on my deck now. I'll go over and check after they leave for the day. I'll take notes. More tomorrow.

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I have a double wide in Newport News too. I remember how excited I was when I first bought mine. They were still setting it up when Hurricane Isabel came through in 2003... I was sure it was gonna get wiped out before I could even spend one night in it. Which park are you going in? I'm in Americana.

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So am I!!!! I'm at 80 s Pecan Ct. My lot looks so small,but they told me my trailer would fit. I have hardly no room in front at all. But I'm sure I will make it work. Where in the park are you? By the way,my name is Nancy.

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I'm Thomas, I'm on lot 24. Welcome to the neighborhood, I hope you like it, it's pretty nice, especially considering some of the alternatives. It sucks that you got stuck with such a small yard though...but look at the bright side, less grass to cut!

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Nice to meet you Thomas.
I'm sure I will like it there. I've looked at all of the parks and I've lived in Newport News for 25 years so I know all about the parks. This park has come a long way. I'm happy with the lot. I can make the small backyard a nice place to sit. I can't wait to get my keys so I can start moving in,but it looks like that won't be for a couple of weeks yet. Have to get all the inspections done and the power turned on and the AC put in. Then I go for my walk thru and get my keys.

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look around the windows, the caulking/ siding where it meets. we were first time home owners and didnt catch a couple places where the siding DOES NOT MEET ! it was up high near the roof and it wasnt until the warranity was expired that we noticed it. also, we bought a "heat pump" for a little extra, instead of the furnace that came with it. it has made a huge difference in the cooling of the house. also make sure each window opens and closes and latches well. we never open our windows, but if we did, a couple would not stay open because they dont latch. look for under the sink drains/ dryer vent holes,,, they may be larger than the pipes and you will be setting up a new house for the area mice... (we had millions) until we made a plate that fit around the drain holes in every bathroom/hotwater heater and kitchen !!!!!!!!!!! dont forget dryer, ,,, we also got a couple of cats,,, that stopped all traffic of mice. also, our house didnt come with a single light bulb, i was so excited about getting in the house, we had moved in all day, i was going to cook our first meal,,, and then realized that we had no lights,,, we needed 44 light bulbs for the house... i never realized that one house had so many, (not joking or exagerating)
lol,, well that was a decade ago, we have since papered, painted almost every room in the house,, but that is another posting,,

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Well, my power has been turned on and my walk thru is set for Thursday at 2 pm. I will remember everything everyone has told me here and I won't settle for anything being wrong. I'll let everyone know how it went and I'll be SO HAPPY to get my keys.

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Well,I had my first walk thru. The ac does not work. They forgot to put in my corner cabinet in the kitchen. The globes for the light fixture in the dining room are gone and the toilet in the second bathroom does not flush. The ac will be fixed tomorrow and the cabinet has been ordered. The light globes will be brought over next week and the toilet will be fixed tomorrow,I hope. Also the water line for the icemaker in my fridge has a leak and that will be fixed tomorrow. He turned off the water to that so it wouldn't damage anything. I opened every door and every drawer and looked at every window. And I GOT MY KEYS!!!!!! I can't go back in tho till the ac fixed. It's hot in there. I guess all in all, there wasn't too much that was wrong. I'll keep you informed.

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remember you have a 1 year warranty for a new home. Be sure to use it if needed. Otherwise, you will lose out on getting warranty work.

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"...remember you have a 1 year warranty for a new home. Be sure to use it if needed. Otherwise, you will lose out on getting warranty work..."

That's generally the way things work with warranties. You utilize it during the warranty period. After that, it's just like a new car. When the warranty runs out, you're on your own.

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