factory upgrades worth considering when buying a modular home

r_jainApril 1, 2011

I am thinking of what factory upgrades are worth considering and are less expensive to do it on site when buying a modular home.

1. hardwood floors : only in small places like hallways and foyer but everywhere else not worth ( better and less expensive to do at site )

2. Tiles : floor tiles may be but if you doing wall tiles too then better do at site

3. Stairs : Simple block stairs yes factory built would be good but if any round stairs to built at site is cheaper.

what else you can think of ??

4. upgrade moldings : ???

5. radient heat : ???

6. spray insulation : ???

Lets discuss here.

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I think you have pretty well covered everything. Nevertheless I would get a quote from the factory first. I did not understand "spray insulation" as the modules should already be insulated. When I built my modular 90% was done in the factory and the rest done on site. I am satisfied with the factory's quality.....most of my complaints and recalls was for the site work! Imagine this being magnified 10 times if site built! GO MODULAR!!!!

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Depends what comes as standard features. If you are in a cold climate get the best insulation package you can get. In a hot climate the best ceiling insulation that they order.
If it comes with plastic faucets, spring for metal.
If the fixures don't have shuts off before each one, orderit with them.
If a steel house door isn't standard, try to get it as an option.
If windows are single pane, go for insulated.
The best "bang for the buck" are the things that will save you money in the future or make the home easier to live in and not necessarily the things that look pretty and shiny.

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