Leak: what to look for?

davestexasDecember 28, 2010

Kenmoree/Whirlpool model #110.26702690 bought new in Oct '96

Had small water leak over time, but it was just an annoyance. The past month it became more, so I removed the cabinet, suspecting the pump. The bottom pump clip was in bad condition while the top clip looked new. Telltale waterspot below the shaft told me the pump was the problem. Ordered new pump from an online parts company at 4PM. Pump arrived at 11AM the next day! Had trouble removing the old pump. The shaft was in rough condition. Got the shaft back to where the pump would go on with some 'tapping'. Is it supposed to just slide on/off easily? Yesterday I went to use the washer and the leak was not cured. This leak was showing suds where I'd not seen suds before on the floor. Last night I noticed water moving on the floor, so I cut off the water supply lines. This AM...all dry! So, beside the problem with the pump, what else should I be looking for? What would cause water leaking with supply On? Gotta be something other than the pump....right? I hope my 'tapping' the pump on didn't do something bad. I don't mind buying a new pump, but water On leak/water Off no leak bothers me. Washer works fine. Thanks for any help/clues. I appreciate the help.


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Tapping on the pump may have damaged its seal, depending on how vigorously was the tapping. Tapping is not supposed to be done, I've seen a service bulletin that warns against it. For sure a rusted motor shaft should be cleaned up with light sandpaper or steel wool and given a light coat of grease before attaching the pump.

A leak (when the machine is not being used) that stops when the water faucets are shut off would be targeted to the water valves, which are mounted inside to the rear panel, where the hoses attach to the outside. However, other possible sources should also be investigated -- pump and attached hoses, tub center seal, hose from water valves to fill flume, bleach dispenser hose (not likely), water level pressure tube at tub air dome.

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OK, thank you for the help. I'm assuming the machine will function without the cabinet wiring hooked-up and using one hose for water supply. When I first noticed a leak, a long time ago, it began showing while the tub was filling or just after agitation began. Better clue? Seeing suds now has to be a bad thing and most likely my doing. The new pump I'll prolly have to buy should mount easily onto/off of the shaft?
I confess to more than 'light tapping' but did use grease. Will shine existing shaft to new metal condition.

I'm retired so this is a good project for me. I may even buy a repair manual!(since I don't know WTH I'm doing) Certainly my parts site has dealt with my kind before...

Thanks again dadoes, I appreciate your time

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FOLLOW UP: yep, by not doing it right the first time, I caused the problem. Pump shaft collar split just like the OE pump collar did. Tried/tried to sand/file/wire-brush/cut/chisel build-up from shaft. Little progress, until I broke out my Dremel. Used little blue/green stone-wheel...2min later the shaft was shiny clean! Coated 'new' shaft with some WB grease, slide on new pump....back in business!

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These Whirly direct-drive machines are quite easy for repairs, but don't let a leak go unattended to avoid later complications. :-)

(I'm also in TX)

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