New here-- have questions????

maryt_gardenerApril 8, 2008


Hello, I don't currently live in a mobile. We did years ago as newlyweds. We owned our own home for years but due to a patch of unemployment we ended up selling it and moving across country to the carolinas from the midwest. We are currently renting a home.

We are trying to figure out a way to own our own home again WITHOUT a mortgage.

We will have saved up about 70,000 by the end of this year if all goes well. We'd been talking about buying a cheap home and fixing it up but the things in our price range all seem to be in pretty scarey neighborhoods.

Now we've always heard that mobiles/manus have terrible resale value-- I guess not sure that we care about that anymore--we're now thinking--look-- we just want a place to live that is OURS and that we can live in and retire in and enjoy some peace of mind knowing that if some hard times come again we won't have banks calling us.

Here's my ???s.

1. about how much does it cost to move a mobile home if you happened to buy one 2nd hand and inexpensive? I often see them advertised quite low if you move it.

2. Can anything be done to an old double wide to make it last longer or make it into a permanent building?

3. Do you feel your manu/mobile is a good deal? Are you happy you got it? Would you do it again?

thanks to anyone who could answer ?'s so much, Mary

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I see you haven't gotten any responses about making the leap.
We bought our home in 1994, brand new. We've had friends give us a hard time for buying it. "Trailers" decrease in value, instead of appreciating. Well, she never understood that we, like you, just wanted something that was ours, that we could afford. Over the years, we've made many changes and improvements and are very satisfied with our home. I don't know if it was a good deal or not. I know we love it, we have from the day they finished setting it up. The only thing I would change is that I would have had a basement excavated before they set our double wide. I didn't know you could do that.
It can be very expensive to move a double wide and a single wide is sorta small even for just two folks. You can call around and get some estimates on moving and set up from the people that do it. But also check the dealers too, they may have a repo that you can get a deal on. We have a friend who got a fabulous deal on his home that way. Really, if there's any way you can afford a new one, I'd go that way. Moving and setup is hard on the building itself, but I know it can be done and be sure to inquire about any kind of warranty on the work. I know someone who lost everything, went to bankruptcy because of a bad setup. Make sure you deal with reputable people who have been in business a long time.

It basically comes down to what you want. Find something you love. My Mom told me to get everything I wanted, it was probably going to be the last home I owned and I might as well be happy in it. So we did. We had to have some changes made in our floorplan so we had to wait until they built ours so I got to pick everything.
Over the last 13 years, we've painted several times, replaced the carpet, added laminate flooring in the dining and kitchen and added new kitchen cabinetry. We changed out our HVAC unit and replaced the sliding glass door with a French door. We also replaced the roof (hail damage) and had the ceilings painted. Our last project was screening in the front porch, then the next year we had windows added to it so we could use it three seasons. Our next (hopefully last!) project will be the gutters with the guards. My sweetheart is getting too old to be up on a ladder cleaning gutters. I prefer him on the front porch with me!
So, in your situation, I'd buy a manufactured home in a flash and never look back. So what if it goes down in value? Are you buying for you or your heirs?

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Hi Sandyr--
Thank you for your response. I will share your thoughts with my husband. We just keep going in circles with thoughts about what to do to get in a house. We are about 15 yrs from retirement most likely--so what sense is it to buy a home with a 30 yr mortgage now?? So we just aren't sure what to do. mary

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We've lived in 3 different M/Hs in the past 35 years. They have gotten progressively better in quality. If the home is put on a foundation/or basement and converted to real property it will appreciate just like it's stick built neighbors. You will also pay more in taxes because of that. We chose to put our new house on a foundation but did not convert, so as to save on taxes (we are retired and paid cash for our house). If we should need to sell we can always convert it then. One idea is to find a location you really love and buy a lot that is zoned for MHs. Shop carefully for a home, dealers vary in honesty and ability. Take your time and visit the factory(s). There are a lot of good homes out there. Used homes can be a good deal but if you plan on selling it later it may be difficult to sell if it's not on a foundation and/or has been moved from it's original set location. It depends on the state and the financing. Loan companies have different requirements in different states. With that much money you should be able to find something VERY nice. We are very happy with our Nashua. Had we been younger we would have considered building a SIPs (structural insulated panel) house ourselves. Good Luck

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1. about how much does it cost to move a mobile home if you happened to buy one 2nd hand and inexpensive? I often see them advertised quite low if you move it.

Answer: It can cost up to $10,000 to move and re-set up a doublewide, which is why they are very hard to sell unless you are selling it with the land. Single wides can be moved and set for around $3000 (or less). that's in my area anyway. Also, some double-wides that have been set up for a long time won't go back together properly due to settling over the years.

2. Can anything be done to an old double wide to make it last longer or make it into a permanent building?

answer: change out the crappy carbdoard trim molding for real stuff, keep up with repairs, pay attention to the eaves and overhangs because they typically are prone to leaking problems. Putting it on a brick foundation will make it look more like a permanent building, but inside it is still a doublewide. Some are built like regular houses, some are built a cheaply as possible and it shows over the years. But constantly changing out cheap interior furnishings for higher quality ones will help a lot. Consider replacing kitchen home ones are usually REALLY bad.

3. Do you feel your manu/mobile is a good deal? Are you happy you got it? Would you do it again?

Answer: If I was unconcerned about resale and it was to be my final home, a double-wide is a good option. I am currently living in a single wide agian, while I build my last house though, so within 6 months this trailer will be GONE!

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no,,i wouldnt do it again. It has been a real disappointment(1997 commodore doublewide on concrete piers and block foundation.

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Back in 1996 my ex and I purchased a brand new DW. It was absolutely gorgeous and had everything just the way we wanted it. (special order). I truly miss that home.
With the money you have been so fortunate to have been able to save, you can purchase yourself a very nice doublewide with a small loan. Order it exactly the way you want it. With the way things are now, who would want a big mortgage ?? And, it will be basically maintenance free for many years. Something to think about. Of course, I adore older houses with character also. It all boils down to where you will be happiest !

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I'm 50. We bought our first home 14 years ago.. a 1987 GoldenWest triplewide on some property. I could've bought a much smaller stick built home.. I had the money. But this one had twice the sq footage and a great lot.
It's value has at least doubled.. was even more before the "crash".
After 14 yrs we finally got some major projects done..
built a deck out back, changed kitchen counters to corian, changed cooktop to induction cooktop, new vinyl floor in kitchen, changed a window to a french door to make it easy to get from kitchen to deck, and about to rip out awful carpet and put in laminate wood flooring. Early upgrades were a pellet stove and a skylight.
I am happy with it. I've never found a layout I liked better. Only drawback is we don't have a garage.
With the new upgrades I could be here forever and probably will be. Houses are just boxes.. some are fancier than others. I think it's more how you fix 'em up inside that makes them comfortable. About every 7 years I have someone check the level and adjust.. it's on piers.
No other problems. Never have seen a layout I liked better.

Mines an 1987 model. Found out one thing that's better about that year.. they have better subfloors than some new ones.. 3/4 " plywood. Shocked the flooring guy when he saw that. Apparently he'd only seen chipboard in the newer ones. I also learned that manufactured homes use a special manufactured home grade vinyl flooring.. meaning it's particularly cheap. So if you replace with the bottom of the line products available now, you'll still be doing a major upgrade.
Yes, I'd buy it again.

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