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fcmazzApril 12, 2009

I just returned from a dealership for Legacy Housing here in central Texas. Was wondering if anyone has had or bought a Legacy Housing manufactured home based in Fort Worth, TX.

Just need to know if they are worth the price and value. We are in our 50s and looking to relax in a decent home but do not (like everyone else) want to be taken advantage of. We don't know anything about manufactured housing and they seem nice (of course, all homes are nice when new) spacious with a price we can afford. Any experience with this company is appreciated. Interested in the model number below and this is the link to the website. Thanks and again, appreciate the help.

Model #3248-32A


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The only thing I do not care for is the roof overhang. I like it when there is more. I think we have 16 inches or more. It helps to keep the rain off the side of your house. Or running down the side of your house.

I really like the floor plan you chose. The master so close to the utility is great. We opted not to have the garden tub. Takes too much hot water to fill it and cools down too fast. Better to have a nice little hot tub. We had an AAH or was it AHH Spa and loved it. We also like the added space in the master bath not having the big tub.I would prefer the larger shower where your tub is leaving the shower space open for maybe a piece of furniture for linens towels things.


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Was looking at your plan again and I think you would be happier if you put a window in the master bath or laundry room. You are lacking any kind of air flow through there and on a warm summer night it could get pretty stuffy. We have the nine light doors to let light in but in the master bath we also had them switch a fixed pane window for one that opens.

Also moving your front door over 16 inches or first stud away from the corner will then give you better use of the wall behind it. We have had it both ways and moving it out works so much better. It is not all that expensive to make these small changes.

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Wasn't registered before, so repeating my post----I got a quote of $49,000 before upgrades (sliding door, R33 insulation in ceiling, etc)---is that close to your quote???

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