Problem with my vinyl wallboard....

clueless1959March 23, 2007

I just pulled most of the YUCKY wallpaper off the vinyl wallboard in my bathroom so I could prep it for paint and found where in several places the vinyl is coming loose from the board for now it's still stuck up there by the trim at top bottom or side but it's not gonna have the smooth after effect I was hoping for.

I was thinking about doing some faux painting over the top of my painting anyway guess it gives me all the more reason to play and try to enhance the look of the bathroom now lol.

Since I can get an endless supply of Walfart bags without shopping there I think I'm gonna wad up walfart bags to use for my faux painting much like the sponge or ragging methods of painting.

Bathroom is very small with the havest yellow fixtures from the 70's, 70's vinyl flooring neither of which I can change at this time. The floor also has a bit of green in it and just because it has been a dark color that half way did match something in the bathroom I have dark green towels.

I haven't looked at paint yet think I want to go with a semi gloss in a neutral color with maybe a hint brighter color over the top for the faux painting just something sutle that asks if that is a different color there or not?

Need to use a color that brightens the room makes it look bigger. Just getting that awlful wallpaper off the walls has helped make room look bigger! I wasn't the one who wallpapered BTW and it did not work well paper didn't stick well at all.

Oh well wish me luck with this project! So that hopefully in a few months I can tackle my kitchen and the vinyl wallboard there :)

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I'm sure the room was wallpapered to get rid of the vinyl paneling...that's what I did too. I had my one piece harvest gold tub/shower combo refinished (couldn't be removed & replaced without taking the place apart). Cost me $700, well worth it. Swapping out the toilet & vanity is easy. Another option for the wall is the type of wallpaper that you put over panelling specifically so you can paint it any color you want. They have several finishes available that look exactly like finished sheetrock. Not that expensive at Lowe's. If you watch most of the decorating shows on tv now, faux finishing is always having to be redone before they can ever sell their place.

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I did the faux painting bathroom looks much much better and the faux painting hid most of the flaws I was looking to hide. I reglued the vinyl that was comming loose. Bathroom now looks better than new. That god awlful tileboard print that was once there NO WONDER it was covered over before I moved in dont think I'd have even bought the house if it was there when I looked at house lol

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