Pack Rats Under My Park Model

zeke1312March 11, 2013

We use our Park Model 3 months out of the year here in Arizona. Recently I discovered pack rats under the PM. What is the best bait/poison to use? Do ultrasonic devices work? If so which are the best? What should I expect? What long term program should I use?

Thank you

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Ultrasonic- waste of money. Get baits at farm supply store. And they must be used all the time. While many love squirrels, they are just as bad and destructive. For good or bad, the bait will get them too-- but not all of them. New ones move in all the time.

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That's why I'm happy we have stray cats in my park.

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i would use rat traps only .i tried poison and they ate that like candy and died in nest under trailer .tie traps so they don't run away on.

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Use a poison called Bar Bait. Call the local farm ranch supply stores to be sure they have it. It won't hurt cats or any other animals that may eat the pack rats if they happen to be still alive with the bait in their stomachs. They do not smell either once they have died. You can just put it under the house in chunks, and if it's dry under there it is good for a long time. Not expensive. Please do not use sticky traps as they are horribly inhumane!

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