Question about subfloor?

locomikeMarch 7, 2009

My double wide is a 32x80. So the floor joists would be roughly 16'. Is there any other support beams or anything running perpindicular to support this span. Reason I am asking is because I was gonna tile the bathroom floor but need to know the unsupported span of the joists. Looks like they are unsupported. I don't see any other supports. Thx. Mike

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Anyone? thx.

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ours has 2 I beams at least running the full length of the home besides the center supports..but i haven't been into the crawl space so that is a guess..there may actually be more..i believe my son said there are 2 I beams on EACH 1/2..that would make 4.

call the co that made it and ask

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It seems like there are 2 I beams under there but I don't believe that the joists rest on them? I have a part of my subfloor cut out and can't see anywhere where the beams support the joists. I believe there are the beams then the underbelly of insulation and then your floor joists so the beams wouldn't be doing any supporting of the joists. Any other input is appreciated. So the unsupported span of the joist's would be the entire 16'.

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Your unit has a steel frame running the length? Do the joists cross that steel frame at right angles?

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Yes there is more steel framing running pepindicular to the joists but from what i've seen the joists don't rest on the beams. Seems like the I beams are just to stiffen the metal framing of the trailer. If the joist's aren't resting on the beams it's still an un supported span. Anyone had any experience tiling in manufactured homes?

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No other input?

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