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DNT1March 1, 2007

Hello I bought a 1986 manufactured home about 5 years ago. It was in rough shape but now is in tip top shape with new subfloors and everything in between all the way to a new roof. The home has no HUD tag/no sheet on inside and the front skirting (where the serial number was stamped)was cut off at time of installation for the permanent foundation. My realtor is telling me that people will want to go with a FHA loan on this and I must have the serial number or HUD code for a lender to loan the money. So now I have started searching the records and have come up blank on all fronts let me run thru the list here. 1. Checked the deed descriptions located at the courthouse they only describe the property not any improvements 2. Checked the local insurance agencies to see if they had ever insured it blanks there also. 3. Called my local county clerk to see if there was a title for the home ever recorded blank there also. 4. Checked with the codes/building permit department and there records only go back to 1990 5. Checked with the tax assesor office Blank of course about outta options that I can think of

I think if I can find the original buyer and they can tell me who the actual manufacturer was I may be able to follow that route, if they keep records back that far. Does anyone have any other ideas on this? I would really like to sell the home and not have a bunch of hassle if possible.

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Are mobile homes in your state ever registered with the State Dept. of Motor Vehicles? If so, you might be able to trace the records there. Many states have mobile home bills of sale that they use. The ID # will be there, but probably not any HUD code #. is the home on private land or in a community?

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In NV the tax assessor has the manufacturer, year, size, serial#, etc, since they use that for the personal property tax, or for real property tax if it has been converted from a mobile via foundation. You might also check a local area 1986 telephone book to see what brands where sold in the area at that time. Library often has these. There should be a state manufactured home department that might also help. When you bought your property there should have been a title search showing previous owners. Follow it back to 1986. Good Luck.

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There is a simpler way.

Contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and they can issue a "letter of label verification" for the home in question.

Here is a link that might be useful: HUD

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