Plastering over vinyl walls

skidflintMarch 4, 2007

I hate the vinyl walls in the bathrooms/laundry room of our 2002 Palm Harbor manufactured home.(the other rooms are drywall)

I want to remove the strips covering the seams, apply plaster to the walls (giving them a rustic, tuscony texture) and then paint them.

Will the plaster stick to the vinyl?

What type of plaster do I use? Is drywall mud the same as plaster?

Any information on how to go about doing this (the more detailed the better)would be really appreciated!

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I used good old drywall mud and a trowel. I bought the premixed tub of mud. In the laundry room I mixed it with a little water-a bit at a time-and troweled it on. I spread it out and then put the trowel flat against the mud on the wall and pulled the trowel straight off the wall. This left mud sticking out. I then skimmed over that sticking out part. You can practice a little on a board or cardboard. It really is not hard. This has been on our walls for 3+ years with no problem. I did not prime the walls before mudding. I did prime the mud before painting. In another room it is put on thicker-an adobe type look. Remember to pull the trowel straight off the wall. It looks great! Try this website to get some ideas...
Part of this site is free..
Hope this helps!

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