having a hard time financing your manu. home

timmysmomMarch 22, 2007

I was having such a hard time finding someone to refinance my home because it was manufactured and then I found someone that specialized in manufactured homes! She got me 6% on a 30 year fixed rate. Let me know if you would like her information!

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What credit score do you need to have to qualify for that loan for a 30 year fixed rate?

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There is no credit score requirement. The lender looks at all of your credit and excepts a letter of explanation for all derogatory credit. The lender looks for length of time on job, debt vs. income, not just credit.

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I'm very interested in getting a quote from this lender. How do I get the contact information so I can get started?

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Her office number is (517) 663-9500 x 108. Her email is manufacturedlender@yahoo.com. Tell her Sara referred you.

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Thank You Very Much!! Matt

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Not a problem. Is she able to help you too?

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We're corresponding with her right now. Everything is looking great. Thanks again, Matt.

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Has anyone else had good luck with her too?

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i am also a mobile home lender. I dont have a minimum credit score and can finance a purchase to 100%. I can also refinance manufactured home properties to 95%. Interest rates are very low(6-7%) on a 30 year fixed loan with no prepayment penalty. Please email me at abaumlein@trivantagelending.com today so I can help you too!!

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me and my husband are very interested in buying a manufactured home and would like to place the home in land.is there anyone can share some infos about the ins and outs. is it easy to get financed? please if anyone knows anything let me know i would appreciate it. thank you

Here is a link that might be useful: that home site!

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saragene. stay away from mobile homes.
1. they treat it like a car.
2. it depreciates rapidly.
3. it is over priced.
4. most who sell them are crooks.
if you decide to buy one of these poorly constructed so-called homes, do the following;

1. get your own appraiser.
2. get your own inspector. not someone the dealer/seller knows.
3. investigate the companies back ground. check for dissatisfied customers. there are plenty of links on the web.
3. investigate the dealer/seller background.
4. check local and state laws regulating how the home is to be sold and set up in your area.
5. get background references of the guy who installs your home. wouldn't hurt to get that about the dealer/seller either.
5. how many complaints were made against the dealer/seller/installer?

These is plenty more to check into BEFORE you buy a mobile home. I will leave it at that for now.

I'm waiting for the industry people to chime in on how you should not listen to me. You'll know what i mean when it happens.

Good luck, and think about buyinh as Jim Walters home or something like that. You will be much happier in the future.

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Still at it, Alviec?

Saragene, manufactured homes serve a legitimate purpose in the broader scheme of housing, unlike the anti-mobile home troll above.

As much as I would like to suggest that you come to our company and have us build an up-scale modular home with all the bells and whistles, you need to buy what you can afford and what suits you, not what an opinionated troll wants you to buy.


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Bump! Any of these leads pan out?

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" * Posted by lippysyd (My Page) on
Tue, Jan 13, 09 at 20:53

Bump! Any of these leads pan out?"

I'm curious as to the outcome also.

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I purchased one and lived in it close to 10 years. It was less than 250.00 a month on payment and was 4yrs old when I purchased it. I had very little trouble with it and it was pretty efficient compared to most homes out there. The 'value' of it actually didn't depreciate much but the availability of repo's/foreclosures that are 3-5yrs old is what hurt its value.
There is no way I could have rented a place that new with over 1,200sqft for around $250 a month. In the end I did have something to sell and did walk away with money in my pocket. I couldn't think of a better first home experience for me. My new home has caused a lot more headaches than that trailer did and its only been a few years in the home.

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It's really stupid that there's such a stigma against mh. The new ones are probably the greenest solution possible. They've really upgraded the construction. But there is the problem with financing and they do treat them like personal property rather than real estate. I own the property, can afix it to the land, but it's still treated the same except in comes in one bill v. two.

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