Model or serial number?

bestalikatMarch 23, 2008

Where does one find the model or serial number on mobile homes?

I looked all around the exterior, and my home inspector looked underneath - to no avail. I'm wondering if a previous owner removed / repainted over the information.

There was one tiny oval that looked like a plaque of some kind, but the home inspector said it was too small to be the model/serial number information.

Any ideas where else to look?

And, if it /is/ that painted-over plaque area, any ideas how to expose it without ruining the exterior paint job?


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In our modular homes, we put a data plate in the kitchen sink cabinet. Other locatations you might check are inside closets or by the electrical panel. But try looking in kitchen cabinets first.


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Thanks Wayne! I'll look there next time I'm at the site. I'd never have thought to look there.


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It may be on the top of tongue, if permanently attached. Or on the front plate of the frame below the siding material.

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cant find a serial number any where can u help

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just bought a mobile home made by Derose invader to move it we need a permit. I can't find the serial # anywhere. We took off the skirting the only thing there was on the frame there were 3 numbers someone had scratched on the frame its 933. This mobile home was built for a business late 80's it has 2 offices and a small restroom any ideas where I can find it?

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