wall/ floor repair/replace? help!

mamato3March 16, 2009

My dishwasher intake line recently exploded, resulting in a major flood.

While inspecting the damage to the floors, I have noticed there are areas where I can push the wall panel out, and see sunlight!! Actually, it's the underneath of the mobile, under the skirting. Obviously this is NOT good!

How were the floors and walls attached in mobile homes? This explains why my electric bill is so high, but the important question, is what do I do to fix it? I need to replace the floors anyways, due to damage from the water line exploding.

Would my best bet be to pull out the wall panels, and replace the floor the whole way to the outer wall, then redo the interior walls? What would I seal the new flooring to the walls with? It appears I'm undergoing a rather dramatic rebuild here, and I would appreciate any help!

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sounds like a rebuild to me, do you have the skills?

if you feel you do, you would want to first remove all the damage, including wet insulation..rebuild the floors and insulate and seal with visqueen (sp)..caulk all areas where the frame and new construction touches.

when you put on new walls, use new real drywall not that flimsy wallboard..it will cost you less in the long run and provide better insulation.

make sure you have a modular home repair parts access available..as you will need to buy any parts from them that are non standard and will not fit your house..such as plumbimg and electric.

while you are down there..check your heating ducts..as they probably weren't put in well, they never are..you can restring them and do a better job and find that you save on heating and cooling costs.

sorry this happened to you

use braided metal water tubing next time

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Is it just a standard caulking that would go between the floor and outer walls?

My insurance thankfully has covered the damage. I am electing to do the repair myself, for cost savings, so I can upgrade my kitchen, and add some extra cabinets. My kitchen is very tiny, with only 1 cabinet for storage, and approx 2' of work space. I will be tearing down a wall and replacing with a breakfast bar, since we also have no place to put a dining table.

Another question, what held the insulation up under the floor? My home is a 78, and there is no plastic sheeting under there. Would it be safe to add some? One thing that concerns me, is that if I put plastic under there,if moisture did find a way in, there'd be no way for it to escae, and I'd have moisture in the nsullaion. What I'm thinking, is that I'd put insullation between the floor joists, and hang it up there somehow. I am lacking the finances to completely reinsulate the entire trailer bottom, and I dont want to hang sheeting under the whole trailer when it's still so cold. Should insulation be hung by plastic, or something breathable?

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