Tile in Double Wide?

locomikeMarch 31, 2009

Has anyone have any experience doing tiling in a manufactured home? If so please share your experience. Thx. Mike

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It can be great and it can be bad. If your home shifts at all with the seasons, your tile will shift too and that will cause cracking. I have seen it done in a bathroom and when it cracks it is loud loud loud. Now I still plan to do this in my home, but just as a backsplash in the kitchen. I wanted to do flooring also, but I live in a climate that has severe changes and I don't want to chance the cracking on the floor. I also opted out of the removing of the batten strips due to the same issue. Good luck in you adventure!

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I live in southeastern ohio where it is pretty cold in winter and pretty warm in summer. I really want to do tile in the bath and utility room but dont want it to crack. Mine is completely drywalled and the only cracks I have are the same ones that were from when it was delivered and set up. I am just getting around to patching some of them (better then what they did) because I care what it looks like. My deflecto rating is low due to joist span. I have another post about the framing and span and such. Any other input is appreciated.

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Any others? Any comments on laminate in the bathroom. I ham seeing this more nowadays with newer products that are allowed in bathrooms.

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I've been looking for flooring for one I'm getting - the guy at the floor store told me not to use tile. he said it's too heavy with the weight of the tile, the backerboard under it and the cement stuff to attach it.

so, I'm looking at laminate and sheet vinyl for the kitchen and baths. I'm trying to avoid the vinyl tiles.

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Yeah if your deflecto #'s aren't atleast 360 you can't use tile. I just can't believe the joist's have that much of an unsupported span. That's the only thing keeping the numbers down. If you go to JohnBridge.com you will learn ALOT about tile and will be hooked. My bathroom actually has carpet in it LOL. That's coming out for sure.

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I recently had tile installed in my kitchen and three bath rooms. It is beautiful. Under the flooring and carpeting in my home I did have good wood flooring that had even been sealed also.
Thank you all for your input on this site. I am glad I found it. I want to paint and was leary but have found out how to paint using this site. I have the patterned wall board in the kitchen and three baths and two of the three bedrooms. The rest of the house is walls. real walls

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I have friends who installed tile in all but two of the smaller bedrooms in their double wide. They have a three bedroom two bath Solitaire. The only problem they have had has to do with the way the installers did the grout. It was mixed thinly and squeegeed out the back door. Most of the grout is too thin and some has turned powdery and needs to be replaced. None of the tiles have cracked or come up. I do know that the Solitaire is exceptionally well built as to framing and structure and they had it installed on a slab even though the property was mainly a giant flat rock. So, no shifting problems nor do they have extremely cold temps. She was plagued with allergies and the carpet had to come out so this was the solution to the problem. She actually wanted hardwoods but couldn't afford what she wanted and didn't want to settle for the thinner Pergo style flooring. She felt the ceramic tile they chose looked closer to "real tile" than the cheaper wood flooring did to wood. (her words, not mine)

Good luck in your decision. I know it's not easy.

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Think about smaller tiles if you plan to do this. The larger the tile the more chance of cracking. Larger tiles even crack in non-mfgd homes. We have friends who installed smaller tiles in their bathroom and have no problem, but you want to make sure the floor under it before installing is up to par.

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