Modular in Northeast

bambroseMarch 6, 2011

I'm thinking of building a modular home in the northeast. So far i've looked into a few different manufacturers plans, but was wondering what my first step should be. I'm guessing i should try to find the right manufacturer?

I've looked at Muncy, PBS, KBS in Maine, Apex, Epoch, Superior, and a few others, but i was wondering if there are any that are much lower end that i should stay away from.


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Where in the northeast? We had our modular set in Vermont in 2002 and there have been no problems. As a matter of fact, most homes built up here today are modular because of the short building season.

Right the sugar is running and the maple syrup is boiling. The "sweet" season!

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Am wondering which manufacturer either of you used? I am in process of purchasing a modular in upstate New York to replace my home deystroyed in a fire. Time to research is limited but choice of manufacturers is not!
Thanks for any tips in this climate/area.

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We used Superior. It was 10 years ago and we have had no problems other than minor adjustments at first. The company sent a man out and did what was needed and he didn't leave until we were satisfied.

One thing about a modular is that they must be built to NY state codes, and not HUD codes. It must meet every code that a site built home has to meet. And since our dealer was in New York, it had to meet the NY codes, which were tighter than VT codes where it ended up.

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Keiser built mine. A little sloppy on some work and they forgot to do some things that I personally watched the rep write down when we went over the plans...

... I'm in the middle of the process so I'm going to wait until its set on the foundation to have them fix these things that were in the contract.

I'll update this in a couple months. The house was not too bad for the design we went with.

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