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troublemanMarch 14, 2006


This is my first time to any of this website. Backyard chat told me of this site. Any websites with pictures and information. I've been on a couple of websites in Las Vegas manufactured home parks, they show pictures with info.

Thank you

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What exactly are you looking for? Pictures of mobile homes to buy? Or like what others homes look like?

For the most part there aren't a lot of pictures here on THS but people can sometimes upload or link to like Photobucket or whatever of their homes. Mostly this site is used for discussion though.

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I don't have any property to put a manufactured home on. So I was looking for any parks that would have homes for sale.

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Ah, okay. Um, maybe look for some website from your area with local info? Or try contacting a mobile home dealer and asking them where you could go to in the area. They probably have somewhere to suggest. A few dealers around here pretty much sell their homes just for specific parks, some that they themselves own. Maybe even try doing a search here at THS...sometimes at the top of the searches there is info on where to buy items and other things like that and maybe it would be in there?


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