Custom Butcher Block

sue_ctJanuary 12, 2014

I frequented this forum 3 years or so ago when I was doing my kitchen and found it to be tremendously helpful. It must be all new people who post now, because god help them if anyone is still working on theirs 3 years later, lol. I had always meant to come back though and share a wonderful craftsman I found in Wisconsin to make me a butcher block. I found him on Etsy, and although he no longer appears to sell them there, he does on a his website. He made it to fit the exact size space I wanted to use it on and I love it! I The workmanship is wonderful and I believe it will last me forever. Mine is made of Cherry with Walnut ends. Hope you all love your kitchens when you are done, it really is worth all the pain, lol!

Here is a link that might be useful: Moll's Carpentry

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These are works of art! Beautiful!

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That is truly beautiful - I'd hate to cut on it!

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Thank you, although not sure I should since I wasn't the one who made it, lol. It has held up really well after several years of regular use and still looks beautiful. He just does such an outstanding job I hope at least a few people look into it. He is less expensive than Boos but top quality and much more custom and beautiful I think. I knew if anyone would appreciate it, the people here would.

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That's a lovely countertop! Lots of interest going on.

It's nice to hear someone having nice things to say about their kitchen elements. Particularly something so personal to an artist as this butcher block is.

I'd have a hard time cutting on that, too! But I eventually would.

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Perfect timing! As soon as i finish my kitchen i'll need couple of those!! I tried to google, but didn't find anything! so THANK YOU!

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That's very lovely. Hats off to you for shining a light on the work of a craftsman, too.

There are so many wonderful craftspeople and artists out there, and their work really can make a home warm and special. Sometimes they are hard to find, without word of mouth, so I'm always happy to see posts like this. His work is beautiful!

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I love and appreciate good craftsmanship, as well as people who are just plain good people to do business with. This gentleman was wonderful and I am glad to share his work with anyone who can appreciate it. The ideas, information and support I received here was wonderful. I get excited again just reading about some of the new projects.

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