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mamato3March 20, 2009

I tried googling to find out about the process of mobile home insurance claims, and found nothing.

I recently filed a claim because I had a water line explode, and couldn't find anything to tell me what to expect out of the process of claims, how they work, or anything. So I thought I would update here so that there is a record, and first time claimants can have an idea of what to expect. I have a policy with Assurant specialty property insurance.

My line burst sunday night. I called insurance company on monday morning, when I discovered the standing water.

By thursday I received a call from insurance adjuster. Visit to inspect damage on the following monday. I still have no idea exactly what will be covered or not, as I am new to the process. I was told something about 2 checks, one for damage, and one for repairs. I do have a replacement value policy, so they will pay to replace damaged property, not just for current value.

It's now been 4 days since the adjuster was here, and I have heard nothing yet. The damage severely affected 2 rooms of my house, and the floor is changing daily as it dries out. At first it had buckled upwards, and now is creating interesting dips, so it's a challenge to walk through the kitchen without tripping.

I will update this post as we go through the claims process, as a reference to the process, and so people can compare Assurants claims service with other companies.

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March 23rd, 2 weeks exactly after my dishwasher exploded, I received an estimate in the mail. I am quite plased at how little depreciation there was.
The letter says that a check has been mailed, for the actual value of my loss. The amount of the check is value, minus my deductible.

I am thrilled that the adjuster counted *everything*, so I don't have to skimp. Each item is broken down, line by line, and they have accounted for painting my walls that have water damage, and even replacing the insulation in the floors, which I was afraid wouldn't be covered. What I do think is silly, is that the cabinets are being replaced, but not the uppers. My home is a 1978, so the cabinets are old. No chance of matching them, so I'm supposed to have old cabinets on the top, and new on the bottom? A bit silly.

We are thinking of replacing the floors ourselves, and are really happy to see that the first check will be enough to cover the materials. It's only $450 or so in depreciation for the floors and cabinets. Not too bad, considering.

I still don't understand how I would go about getting the 2nd check for replacement. Do I call and ask?
Send them pictures or the completed repair? Have the adjuster come back out and look again?

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March 24th, I received the check for the "loss" portion. I was quite pleased to see that labor charges were included, and there was a rather high value on my 30 year old cabinets.

We have chosen to repair the damage ourselves. I contacted insurance adjuster about repair. He said that when the work was completed, he would come out and take pictures, and then they would mail us a check for the difference.

I have purchased the parts for our repair, and am quite pleased to discover that we had enough money to completely repair the damage, replace the 2 upper cabinets which were not part of the estimate, and we will be adding a breakfast bar, adding 4 more cabinets as the base, and still have several hundred dollars left over.

So, for anyone wondering how the claims process works, there you go!

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You had a question about your cabinets and matching the upper and lowers. Most ( I cant say all) insurance companies only owe for what is actually damaged. SO hence the uppers were not included for the cost of replacement. There are a few states that do require a "reasonable repair" which would mean that line of sight would come into play meaning they would owe for uppers as well.But there are only few states that require that.HTH

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