mary_gretherMarch 9, 2009

I have a 1997 Oakwood mobile home 14x80, I am =in a mobile home park, a very quiet neighborhood.

I know its 12 years old, now it is in need of repairs.

#1, needs the stuff put on the roof( aluminium, or wat ever the material is)

#2 need the steps repaired or replaced

#3 carpet removed, am thinking of putting those tiles on floor, the sticky kind

I am on a fixed income and these do need to be done. I can get the materials, and I guess I can get someone to do the repairs.

so what is the price of the stuff on the roof?

I just found out about carpet or tile,

as for the stairs, may have to wait on that.

And if I want the trailer moved later what are the steps to do so?

Thanks. Mary

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well in some states you are not allowed to move a trailer over 10 years Michigan you can't.

don't know about the roof, mine is shingles..

careful of self stick tiles..they don't stay down, esp in heat.

better to spend a couple extra $ and put down laminate.

remember your home will never appreciate in don't put a lot of money in it..but keep it in good repair.

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Mary go to Lowes,Home depoet and look at their cartpet in stock.It's really reasonably priced.They can install it for you as well.They also should have a list on contractors the may help with the roof and the steps as well.Or maby the park your in has a list in the office.As far as moving the home.I am not sure about any law that says you "cant".But I know for your home it's prolly about $3-$4,000.The insuance is the biggest cost.Hope this helps.

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