Fagor America washer-dryer combination unit

pderasDecember 27, 2010

Looking for anyone with any personal experience with this washer/dryer combo all-in one appliance.

How does it perform?

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There is an earlier post on Page 2 of this forum asking about this unit. The OP did not receive any informative replies. Here is what I said as an explanation:

I think there are two reasons you have not heard from anyone. First, Fagor is not a common brand here and owners are few and far between. Second, the all-in-ones are not popular in this country (US) except in certain circumstances such as very small apartments/condos/RVs. Even I have room for a stacked full-size FL set, and I have a small house. All-in-ones have some quirks and limitations that make them unpopular with Americans in most situations. Much of the rest of the world uses them and lives with the quirks. Do a search in this forum for more entries on this type of machine.

Good luck with your shopping.

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In general, for any manufacturer's all-in-one Washer/Dryer, the more general question is to see what those irritants are that the rest of the world puts up with more readily than we do.

To attract those eyeballs, the Thread title needs to ask the general question, not the "Fagor" question. I agree there is no need to start a second new thread with the same question oriented to Fagor's machine specifically.

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