LG FL Dryer Steam Cycle Lengths?

MrDumasDecember 9, 2011

Hi! I have model DLEX2801W for over 2 years now and have been experiencing shortened Steam Sanitary and Steam Fresh cycles. They will start at the default times, 39 min and 20 min, respectively, then count down approximately 4 minutes, then switch over to the 5 minute cooldown. (eg. Display reads, 39, 38, 37, 36, 5)

This occurs on both cycles and with different load sizes. I recall that Steam Fresh used to last at least 15 minutes before with a few dress shirts.

I can't get the service techs to give me straight answers regarding what times we should be expecting on these cycles. I've gotten, "Those are default times and not actual times," and "Times will jump around depending on various factors such as load size." Why would they have a Sanitary cycle that has a default time of almost twice as long as the Fresh cycle if they both only steam for 4 minutes? Why is it the same length of time when you put in a king size blanket vs a few baby clothes? They're all 4 minutes! They say there's no error code, so there's no problem that they can detect. ???????

Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone with an LG FL dryer with Steam Sanitary or Steam Fresh can tell me approximately how long their cycles last and with what clothes and number of items is in there. If you've got a different model with different default times, please note that as well. I'd like to get back to these guys with "actual" times experienced by other users of similar dryers with the same functions. A list of Steam Cycle (Sanitary or Fresh), dry clothing items added, and approximate length of time to completion would be great to show the next service guy that 9 minutes (4 minutes steam plus 5 min cooling) for everything is not reasonable.

If I'm wrong regarding my memory of how long the steam cycles really lasted, it would also be good for me to see that I'm not remembering things correctly. Therefore, any input will be very much appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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I just used the steam refresh on mine, it lasted for 20 minutes after I started it. The sanitary cycle will last 39 minutes depending on the size load in the dryer. I hope this helps you out

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Thanks for the time info. What items did you put in and how many?

I just got the dryer vent professionally cleaned today so I'll check out how the dryer functions. I'm glad to know that a nine minute cycle is not what you've experienced.

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Ive done 9 pair of mens jeans, set of king size sheets, and T shirts. all came out great

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Good to hear! Thanks a bunch for the info.

I tried both Steam Fresh (3 dress shirts) and Steam Sanitary (1 blanket) and they are both still doing the exact same thing--lasting only four minutes then going straight into cooldown. I even timed them last night. No difference between load size or cycle type, even after professional vent cleaning. :(

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Im not sure what going on with your dryer. You did fill the water tank up with water?

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Yes, the water tank is full. In fact, I don't think that the water level even drops when I try the Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles. The repair techs also checked that the steam function was working. I remember needing to refill after several loads had been done, but I haven't refilled it at all after this last few batches of testing before and after the dryer vent cleaning.

I don't know what else to do other than to call for repair again and tell them a cycle completed in 9 minutes is not normal.

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Id call them back and let them see how the cycle preforms with clothes in it

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The last guy who watched it just kept insisting nothing was wrong even with a bunch of hand towels inside or a blanket in either cycle. He did suggest that I ask for a "senior technician" next time with LG experience. That's probably the only useful thing that he said to me that entire visit.

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Senior Tech came out and ordered replacement sensors. Hoping this works. Otherwise, he says we need to give a call to the Resolution Center.

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Well, the sensors were replaced. Still didn't work properly.

Service guy did some type of machine self-diagnostic (hold down time up, time down, and power button with machine off) and read some codes to another person on the line. Together, they decided that maybe the steamer unit needs to be replaced.

If that doesn't work, then the next step is the Resolution Center, unless of course, they think of something else to try.

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Steamer was replaced. They don't know what is the matter with it, but the replacement has resulted in Steam Fresh and Steam Sanitary cycles that count down properly and go their full times. We were watching the dryer and it was such a nice thing to see the dryer stop moving and the door actually show condensation and then become obscured.

Thanks for the info and for listening.

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Yay! Thanks for posting back. So many people don't - it's nice to hear how things work out.

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