Should I get a pedestal for washer & dryer

hanyenDecember 1, 2009

I'm buying a front load washer and dryer for my new home which has an 8x8 laundry room. Should I get a pedestal drawer or not? Seems like it would be convenient not to have to bend over but then I lose the space for folding on top or hanging clother over. Also, I've heard that the pedestal makes them noisier. As for brand, I'm thinking about the Whirlpool Duet or the Bosch Vision.

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I got the LG washer and dryer, . They will be delieverd this saturday. I did get the pedestal's. I wanted the advantage as you said of not having to bend over.
I hope I dont have any problems with noise.

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I just got a new ge frontloader and we went with the pedestal. I have not had any problems with stability. I did pay extra to have the store install the pedestal.

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Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I don't feel the need for one with my Samsung FL. Maybe if I could find one used for $50 or so, but it's really not too big a deal to bend down. Personal preference I guess.

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We just got Samsung W&D with pedestals - free during a Sears 1-day sale this past summer. I love it - no more back pain while doing laundry! There's plenty of space on top still to store laundry baskets and store folded clothes (e.g. it's not too high). And they're very quiet.

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I did not get them and have been getting along just fine for six years without them. I figured dryers have been front loading all my life and I never had a pedestal for my dryer. Why do I suddenly need pedestals now that my washing machine is a front loader. Pedestals in my opinion are just marketing genius. Bending over is good for me. I'm going to keep doing it as long as I'm physically able to - which will hopefully be all my life if I keep doing it on a regular basis.

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Since I am not quite 5 feet tall, I did not buy the pedestals 5 years ago when I bought my whirlpool Duet 9400 Washer and Dryer since the washer and dryer would both be too tall to fold clothes on top like I do now. If I was taller, I would have bought the pedestals since I like the way they look and I would have liked more storage options.

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I vote no pedestal.
You can always use chair to sit if when you need to. You will save around $400.00 to spend on something else
And you will still be able to fold laundry on top. :)

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Thanks for all your responses. I'm inclined to go without the pedestals unless I get lucky like smabe and get them for free.

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I have pedestals for my front loading machines. I bought them because I didn't want to bend over. I don't put ANYTHING in the drawers. Sure I have some misc. junk I shoved in there, but I don't need the storage. I have cabinets in my laundry room for that. In my old house I had a shelf above them that held my detergents.

We have sold our house along with our washer & dryer and will be moving in Jan. if everything goes well. The house we are renting has front load machines without pedestals. I'm looking forward to try it out.

Right now if I were to buy new machines I would not get the pedestals. Too much money for something I never use. Although I will soon find out if I think it's worth it for height only.

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I replaced my old front loaders with new ones this year. And I bought the pedestals. It does make them taller but I am still able to use the top for folding/stacking clothes. It does make the units appear huge. But one thing to remember is most of the newer units are deeper. Therefore, you may be literally standing on your head to retreive something out of the back of a unit. So go back to the display and pretend to reach for something, like a wet sock, in the very back, stuck to the wall. If it isn't a problem, then don't buy the pedestals.

Personally, I think they are worth the money. I use the units probably five days out of seven.

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I was thinking about having the cabinet guy build me a "pedestal" drawer. Any pros & cons foreseen for doing that?

I thought maybe he could do it for less than the $400 for matching pedestals, and I am not really sure yet if I want/need them.

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I had seriously thought of just building my own pedestals. The only thing is you would need to secure them to the floor. You also want the washer side to be reinforced as most units weigh around 200 pounds. The pedestals attach to the units so they essentially become one unit. By building your own you would need to make the pedestal as stable as the floor. At least that was my thinking.

I decided to purchase the pedestals because I also have cabinets above the units. If I built a permanent pedestal I would have to either tear them out down the road or try buying the exact same height washer when they were eventually replaced. My cabinets have a laundry shute feeding into one cabinet. So raising the cabinets or moving them isn't an option. When shopping for this set, certain models weren't feasable, if I wanted pedestals, because of the combined height issue.

From a design standpoint, I think mine would look better with custom pedestals. Everything would flow together better. But then I would probably put deeper cabinets over the top. Right now I can't really reach anything but the bottom shelf. So that way I would get more storage space. The only thing that I fold and put on top of the washer are the towels, so a folding area isn't an issue for me.

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I take it you're not used to front loaders? It's really hard for someone to suggest whether someone else should or should not get pedestals without knowing more. Any health issues that would impact? I'd suggest going to a store on a day you're rather tired, maybe after a long day, bring a basket full of clothes and put them in a machine on the floor. Then remove them as you normally would, including folding. Then go to a machine with pedestals and do the same thing. Are you able to reach the back as already mentioned? Any aches/pains? Just because one person isn't bothered and thinks it's good for them doesn't mean it won't bother you and be good for you.

I put my front load dryer on a pedestal this last time I bought one and I wish I had done that 20 years ago. Especially with this one being a larger capacity. It has a hamper door so I have a built in folding stand that I can use standing up and not stressing or hurting myself. If I buy a front loader I would look at pedestals but would probably build or have built, a platform because I made it a bit higher. BTW, I use the top of my dryer for holding clothes and for folding too so this myth that you can't use the top of the units with pedestals is more misinformation. It really depends on the person, their size, needs and preferences.

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I think pedestals were invented and made for tall and big women, who may have difficulty bending down in putting in and out clothes. But are'nt we used to that with our old washers? Buying pedestals for washer and dryer is one's preference, whether it is for comfort or style. There are other options too, like making your own pedestals by using wood, or simply get a stool or a low chair that you can sit on.

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My husband DID make sturdy wooden pedestals for me, which I painted to match my laundry room shelves. I made them just tall enough to slide my baskets under, so I always have a dirty basket under the washer and a clean one under the dryer. LOVE IT-better than a drawer IMHO! We didn't secure it, and the spin cycle does cause it to travel a bit, but I bet we could screw it to the wall or come up with another way to secure it. We put them on those adjustable feet so we could be sure the machines are level.
I've had back problems since my early 20's, so it makes laundry much easier for me, and it wasn't expensive at all.

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Considering the original date on this thread, I am sure that the original writer made up his or her mind about this a long time ago. Maybe others are considering the Pedestal issue. A few brands will offer two different sizes of pedestals. Bosch offered both 8" & 15" high ones on their Nexxt series, when we bought a couple of years ago. Because one of our users is just under 5' tall, we went with the 8" pedestals. This way the tops are not too high to be used for a folding surface. It is best to get the pedestals installed at the time of installation. They can be very tricky and difficult to install once the machines are in place. They are generally way over priced. However, I glad I got them, and have no complaints.

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Make sure the pedestal drawers are tall enough to store what you plan to store. The drawers in the Miele pedestals are pretty useless since they aren't tall enough to accommodate most American bottles and boxes of detergent. That was the only regret I had with my Miele purchase.

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We did not purchase the Miele pedestals, but wish we had. The dryer rack fits in the pedestals and its larger than our previous dryer's rack so it sits atop a counter wasting space. Since the dryer draws its air from the bottom, there is less dust to be sucked into the dryer when on a pedestal.

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I have the same question now, I have always wanted pedestals, now I am proposed a furniture to put both machines high up. Down it would be plenty of storage place, but my problem now is, how to clean if you can never move or change positions ever again. Washing machine and tumbler generate a big amount of dust, if you dont clean it everyday it stick.....uff I dont know waht do to.

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I had a frigidaire washer for 6 or so years... no pedistal for it. it never bothered me at all. the price was an issue too I couldn't see $200 for one. I got a new samsung washer last month and I got the pedistal for it... there was sale they were only $99 so I said what the Heck get it. I love the machine is easy to load and the storage to keep product is nice. I don't have a matching dryer and they are near each other but not side by side. so the dryer being lower is not a big deal, it has a hamper door to it and I am ok with for now. After I pay the washer off I might by a dryer to match and see if I can get a deal or a pedistal or a scratch and dent one for that.

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BE SURE TO MEASURE the existing cabinets (if any) over your current Top-load W/D set before purchasing a new Front-load and pedestals. Our cabinets, installed at a standard height and fine for top loaders, were one inch lower than the specs of the new Miele W/D and pedestals.

Different brands have different heights, so do your homework. We had a carpenter come in and raise the cabinets before we purchased our new machines. Otherwise the W/D on pedestals would not fit.

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When I bought my FL 9 yrs ago, I bought the pedistals. They were great for the increased height since I am 6ft 1. Also the drawers worked out nice for dog towels to dry them off from coming in and for household tools. I now have a HE TL set and I will be honest and say that it doesnt bother me to haveto bend down to get clothes out of the dryer, but I do miss the addtional height that I once had, it made it so much easier to unload the dryer. My orginal set was 150 each, the new ones now are around 250 and that is nonsense to charge that much, hense why i didnt go with a new FL this round, on top of the fact that my washer sits to the right of the dryer and the doors were always in the way.

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