Another question about my vinyl tileboard

clueless1959March 24, 2007

I've noticed when I'm scrubing the walls down that the paint that was used before walls was wallpapered is gumming up and really coming off wall easy just a slight scrape with a fingernail and it's off the wall. Dry it's a little harder to get off but does come off. Person who wallpapered my bathroom painted a bit but did not use primer before wallpapering.

Should I remove that old paint or as much of it as I can before I prime the walls for painting?

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The paint is not adhering to the wall board due to the sub strate finish and lack of primer. You should try to remove the paint, rough up the surface and prime before doing anything.

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Try using a cheap alternative. Graffiti remover.

Since most vinyl wallboards have a glaze substrate, paint doesn't always adhere very well without a suitable primer designed for vinyl surfaces.

A biodegradable graffiti remover will often remove the paint from the surface, so that you can clean it, prime it, and repaint.

Ask your paint retailer for a vinyl-suitable primer AND the graffiti remover.

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