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katkatFebruary 26, 2012

are the kitchen cabinets the same size in a normal house? I have a double wide and hate the counter tops. I want to get new counter tops but wasn't sure if they'd fit. Anyone?

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sure - they got some in there already, didn't they?

call a place and ask about it. probably wouldn't put in granite - too heavy. I wouldn't put granite in anyway because it's too hard - things break if dropped on it. and of course, it's expensive.

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yes they are the same size. I am renovating my double wide kitchen, and have found everything to be in normal proportion as regular stick built homes. Having to redo the wiring though for electircal outlets as they are put in very cheaply into the vinyl wall.. we are redrywalling and putting everything as it should be done correctly.

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Mine aren't normal sized! Standard countertop depth is 25.5 inches. My counters (before I replaced them) were 24 inches deep. My cabinets are roughly 22 inches deep. I hated having such a huge overhanging lip of counter, so I cut my butcherblock to about 23.5 inches deep.

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My countertops were purple. Awful! Don't live with countertops you hate, even if they aren't standard. Ikea butcherblock is a pretty inexpensive option, as it DIY laminate. Just order sheet laminate (or pick some of the standard stock up from Menards) and glue it to plywood cut to size. Or check out Rustoleum's countertop paint. Supposedly the one with color chips is pretty tough, but messy to do; I've heard the cheaper, 1-step version is best as a temporary measure, not a permanent solution...but I may still try it in the bathroom. And depending on where you are, some places have contractors that can spray-refinish tile and counters. If you're not as budget-conscious as all the above options, you can pick your countertop of choice and just order it in a custom size (assuming yours are shallow, like mine), but there's a custom up-charge.

Here is a link that might be useful: janie-k's beautiful kitchen with DIY laminate countertops

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I am looking to remodel my kitchen and have done lots of research. Others in this blog have recommended Giani Granite. I checked into it and the price is right and it doesn't seem too difficult. Once I have completed the project I will post photos.

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