Electrical upgrade in a mobile home

dalepresFebruary 6, 2011

I posted this in the electrical thread but I am not getting responses from anyone that understands that mobile homes are built to HUD standards. I guess what I really want to know is if rework has to be to the same HUD standard or must it be to NEC standard? If it has to be to NEC, that would mean my home must be destroyed and is uninhabitable if the main panel ever had to be replaced. So, here's my post from the electrical forum. Hopefully someone familiar with electrical for mobile homes can help:

I have a mobile home with a 100 amp main. In the course of a kitchen remodel, we are considering an electrical wall oven which will require a bigger service.

Whether or not we put in a larger service, we need more circuits so I am planning on a sub-panel for the kitchen.

So, my first question is, if I replace the main panel, does it have to meet NEC or does it have to meet HUD? The existing main breaker is in a closet in the bedroom. (Yes, scary, isn't it?) So can I replace it there with the new? And, more generally, do changes to mobile home wiring have to meet NEC or HUD?

Can I add the new sub-panel, if I don't do the new main, next to the existing main in the bedroom closet?

The existing panel is at the very back of the house. The kitchen is about 50 feet forward. I have considered putting the sub-panel in the kitchen behind a full-height utility cabinet (I would install the cabinet without a back). If the main can be installed in a clothes closet with clothes touching the door and a closet door hiding all of it, then why couldn't I get away with a cabinet door in front of the main panel without the clothes? It would definitely be safer.



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Ask over at the attached web...Not much goes on over here...

(And please forgive me if there is someone here that can help Dale)

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.mobilehomerepair.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=6&sid=5b0bdff228ab9534f4c442a8681ecb89

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Thanks for the tip but that site doesn't allow electrical questions per their policy here:


Pretty short sighted and arrogant on their part to decide that anyone who has to ask an electrical question is too stupid to do their own electrical work - especially since I see electrical questions posted by master electricians on some real forums and by licensed electricians very often on almost any electrical forum.

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Why not do what you want to do and just follow the NEC code? I've worked on a ton of mh's and never heard there was a separate HUD electrical code. There is a HUD building code. Any work we've ever done in mobiles was to follow the NEC code. If there is actually a HUD code the NEC will be stricter. Should't get into too much trouble by following a stricter code.
BTW, can you point out some reference that refers to a HUD electric code?

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Some electrical devices are UL listed for manufactured housing only. Since the NEC requires devices to be used per their listing, this means that such devices will not be used in other applications. That accounts for much of the difference in electrical equipment in manufactured housing and stick-built.

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