marriage line gap in floor

nanaofiveFebruary 12, 2008

Hello! Does anyone have any experience with filling in the marriage line gap in the floor? We are removing carpet to install Trafficmaster Allure flooring in our home. We have a gap the length of the marriage line appears to be about 1/4 " wide. The gentleman at Home Depot recommended that we fill it with vinyl contrete or another product, the name of which escapes me right now, but is a self leveling compound that comes in a bag and is mixed with water. If any one has any advice or suggestions please let me know. This is a DIY project that we have never tried before. TIA Nancy

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Is this a double wide or a modular? I would not at all try to close the gap for a double wide. Home Depot advice is frequently worth much less than the price of the advice.

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Bud Driver, Thanks for your input, but can you say why you wouldn't try to fill a gap in the marriage line of a Manufactured home. We are laying flooring and we want to close this gap somewhat so it won't show the through the flooring so bad? I did talk to a friend of ours who is a contractor and has owned several manufactured homes and he concurred the advise we were given is what he would do. He said the vinyl concrete is a better choice becuase it is is mixed thicker and sets up quicker. Do you have a prejudice against manufactured homes? And do you have any personal experience in doing this type of project? Nancy

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Obviously all the choices about this are yours to make and always have been. I do believe that the post was for the purpose of securing approbation rather than advice. Good luck.

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Well, I'm sorry that you thought I was asking for approval. That was not my intention at all. I want to know if anyone has any experience or better advice. From your answer, I simply took it to mean you would not attempt to fill a marriage line in a manufactured home at all, but offered no idea or advice as to what you thought should be done. I realize is and always been our choice on what we do. So, please do you or anyone have any suggestions since we do have the flooring already purchased. I am willing to consider any suggestions anyone may have. Sorry you took my post that way.

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I saw your post on the Flooring forum. I have no idea whether this is a modular or double wide- but I did ask and received no answer. My advice would be very different for the two types of home. I installed some Trafficmaster Allure last year. I deeply regret ever having bought that stuff.

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Yes, I did post on the flooring forum. We do have a manufactured home. The advise I got there sounded like a good one. So, I called the manufacturer and spoke with a man who has the same home. Two years ago he installed sheet vinyl and filled the marriage line with what he called rolled foam then put a very thin strip of aluminum over that. He says so far so good. Why are you dissatified with Allure? We have already purchased it but have the option to return it. However, this product fits our budget, so now I'm rather discouraged. My sons are planning to remove the carpet and install it this week-end. Nancy

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Hi nana. I'm new to this forum and just found your thread. Would you mind posting a followup on what you did about the marriage line in your floor and whether you stuck with the Allure flooring?

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