strongest floor location for 125 gallon aquarium?

coatfetish2February 7, 2012


I plan on having my local mobile home supply/repair business come over to look at my home (they've done excellent work for me before), but I would also like the opinions of folks here. I have a 1988 Norris that's 14' x 78'. I have several aquariums now, including two 29 gallon tanks, a 40g, and a 55g. I can't pass up a great opportunity to get a coworker's 125g tank and stand for free. I like to know where the strongest points are in the floor. All of my current tanks are in the living room, but I'll be removing all but the 40g to accommodate the 125g (if it's even do-able). I might even remove it, too. What I'd like to know is what would be more structurally sound, an exterior wall where the tank would rest perpendicular to, and on, 4 floor joists but not on a steel beam (unless the beam along the side of the mobile home is wide enough to be partially under the side of the tank that would be up against the wall), or the floor between the living room and kitchen, where the tank would sit parallel on the floor joists, resting on two for the full length of the tank.

I assume the spot mid way between the living room and kitchen (and sitting parallel on the joists) would be weak. If my mobile home guys think I can have the tank, I plan on having them add some extra concrete block columns under the mobile home where that tank goes.

As an aside, I had the 40g and the 55g side-by-side for years in the mid way point between the living room and kitchen - on the parallel lines - for years without any sagging. I doubt the area could take the stress of what I estimate to be potentially 1400 lbs, though.

I should mention that I am in the process of redoing the floors throughout the home. I tore out all the carpet and padding, and I'm adding 3/4" ply to the existing mobile home sub floor (which is mobile home decking - basically particle board) If I put up the 125g tank, I was going to add even another layer of ply to that spot.

What do you all think? I think my description is as clear as mud, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to describe!



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Terrible idea. I just did major repairs to a mobile home with a much smaller aquarium. Very small leak undetected for 3 years. Major rot.
Place extra support piers under the unit under the location of the aquarium. Carry the support up to the floor joists. Perhaps use short jack posts. Don't permit it to even try to sag.
I will shoot the next one who wants to put an aquarium on one of my units.

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