Store sent wrong dryer - is it a good one? (Maytag)

northcarolinaDecember 17, 2010

Our new dryer was delivered today, and when they brought it indoors we realized it was not the one I had ordered. I had ordered a Maytag Bravos to go with our Bravos washer. What was entered by the store employee on the order form, and what is now sitting in my house, is the Maytag 2000 Series MCT (commercial?) dryer. (I think they were the same price, so no worries there.) The delivery guys said this is actually a better dryer but that if I ask, the store will swap it back -- and they left it here so I'd have something to use in the meantime. (My old one was already on their truck by then.) So the question is, should I just keep this one? It doesn't match the washer visually, which doesn't bother me (might bug my husband though), and it has no raised panel in the back, which probably means that my kids will be overshooting the laundry basket (which sits on top) and losing clothes behind it all the time. But if it's a better dryer then I will probably keep it. I don't feel right using it for a few days to see if I like it and THEN calling for a swap; I think if I'm going to send it back then I should get the ball rolling today.

Anyway. Reviews/opinions of Bravos vs MCT Maytag dryers would be most appreciated! I am especially interested in noise level since we don't have a laundry room and the washer and dryer are in a little closet in the main living space.

And off topic: I can't seem to change my forum profile to allow email notification; I just get one of those "nonparseable error" pages when I try to edit the profile. Any ideas?


Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag dryer (the one they delivered)

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The unit you linked above, model MEDE200XW, is based on Whirlpool's 27" design. The drum is very deep front-to-back, has two support rollers at both the front and rear, and the lint filter is at front inside the drum. The Bravos models are based on the same design, but some of them have a different high-velocity blower. Which Bravos model was the intended machine?

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Thank you -- I believe it's the MEDB200VQ (linked below). We can't have a larger dryer because of space constraints. In fact, I noticed after I posted that one they delivered is a bit deeper than the washer (the door protrudes an inch or two from the front), which may mean that the bifold closet doors won't close in front of it. We took them off for the delivery and I haven't reinstalled them yet.

The store also carries the Bravos MEDB400VQ, but it looks as though that one is deeper than the one I have linked below (the 200VQ).

Here is a link that might be useful: Maytag Bravos dryer

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Just posting back that the closet doors do close in front of the dryer. Just barely, but they do close. The hose (a flexible one which comes out of the floor) is a little bit squashed. Not ideal, so if we keep it we may change the vent to go out the wall instead so we can put in a rigid one. (Old house... everything in it seems to be a workaround.)

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Bravos dryer MEDB200VQ does have the high-velocity blower design. I imagine MEDB400VQ does as well. If your exhaust involves a long run or multiple bends, that may be a better fit to your situation, although I don't know how much difference it may make in use. Try to arrange your exhaust ducting as short and direct to outside as possible, with minimal bends (use shallow bends instead of 90-degrees if possible). Squashing and sharp bends have a large impact on obstructing airflow.

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I think since there is not a significant performance difference between the two, we will exchange for the Bravos that we had originally wanted. Its shallower depth should work better for us. The biggest practical difference I see now between the two is that the Bravos has the raised panel with controls in back, and the other one is flat-top (for stacking) with controls in front. Since we keep the laundry basket on top, blocking the back panel, having those front controls would be mighty handy... but I also think we'd lose clothes behind the dryer all the time without the raised back panel and I am betting on that being the more irritating problem.

Thanks again for the help!

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